Hunter Bennett

Full time writer, part time coffee addict

Hello: My name is Hunter, and I like to write.

I have previously spent my time studying exercise science (a field where I am now undertaking my research doctorate), during which I developed a passion for breaking down complex pieces of information into easy to understand, practical, pieces of work.

Over the last five years I have worked within the wonderful world of health, as both a personal trainer and a writer, providing my professional services to various individuals within the health industry.

During this time i have made a slow transition from full time personal trainer and part time writer, towards a full time writer and part time personal trainer.

As a result, when it comes to writing pieces of work that have both a scientific background AND practical applications, I am your guy.


If you would like to know more about me as an individual, here is some interesting tidbits:

- I have a dalmatian named Evie. She is arguably the most pleasant animal in the world (although i must admit, I am slightly biased)
- I dance exactly how your mother dances; you can picture it now, and I know its not pretty.
- I love to travel.

Speak soon,
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