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I love writing poetry. At English High School in the nineth grade, I won a short story award about "Who You Admire The Most" which was my late granddad, but Jesus is all the hope. After I recited a rap, a fiery male English Teacher thoroughly examined my work. He said, "Is life really this hard for?"

"Don't say this unless you're the real. Your a poet." He gave me a thick blue book on How To Construct Poems and said, "Write a poem everyday."

A concerned female English Teacher examined my slave poem to be seen. She said, "People need to hear this." My slave poem was published in VOICE MAGAZINE.

Yes, I received my General High School Diploma from Ashworth College in Norcross, Georgia mailed by Atlanta, Georgia back in 2007. I taught myself basic typing 35 WPM like Fedrick Douglas taught himself how to read.

When I walked into South Side Pizza Shop in Brockton, MA, I carried a pen and notebook stood in line ready to order. The pizza manager said, "What are you writing in that notebook?" I responded, "That's my poems. I love writing poetry."

He replied, "Let me see." I gave him my poetry book. As he carefully read, he said, "I like that."

The couplets that said, "I grabbed her hips and kissed her lips." I got ready to pay for my meal which was a small box of cheese pizza, a two litter Serria Mist and one large sweet chocolate chip cookie. He surely said, "You don't have to pay for that.

Keep writing those poems."

I wrote a poem called "Poetic Speech" and thought what if I was a fly getting away from bad humans in the world. I submitted the poem at the International Library Of Poetry. Editor Ely edited my poem and published my work on the first page in a book called "Forever Spoken."

I wrote a medical poem called "The Head Operation" that the National Alliance On Mental Illness Your Not Alone Platform published my creative work. When I rewrote the poem, I submitted it to the International Amature Of Poetry for Poetry Nation announced me as "Best Amateur Poet Of 2019."

I figured out how to spend my entire day is free researching. I discovered a new Government Brand Name out of the Social Security Administration Office and Supplemental Security Income Program doing natural Brand Copywriting on a Home Business. But I changed the meaning of my unique name.

I'm partnered with American Writer's & Artist's Institute by Rebecca Matters and Katie. I have the Internet Research Specialist Skill from the Internet Research Program that raises the quality in your story. Currently, I'm working on a Homeless Novel called "The Bus Stop" About Homelessness In America from Write Your First Novel Or Memior Now!" Program.

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