Idris ElSenussi

Graphic Designer, Writer

Writing is key to understanding ourselves, even if its seemingly meaningless.

I am an Egyptian writer and an octupus of skills. I like to think of life as many scopes of experience, where all is true and none is at the same time. Where belief is not for the sake of certainty and doubt is not for the sake of distrust, but windmills to fuel our curiousty towards life as we smash dogma in its head and sing the songs of freedom.

My skills range from poetic writing as you can find in my poems on my facebook group; "Quantum Evolution", to polytonal fictional wrting, like you may find in my book published by Rosedog; The book of selves.

I can as well do consultations through tarot and other mystic techniques, being that is a science in my culture and not an act of obsessive hocus pocus I treat my spirituality with utmost respect, which means the skepticism towards result it desrves.

Now so as not to lose myself on self prose and escape what I worry about. I worry about criticsim, I choose to have my work shinning like a polished brick of gold. But I am limited by my experience and I am openhearted enough to understand that all I know is questions and writing is just recording of memories as mirrors in guise of science!
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