Ifeoma Okonta

Ghostwriter, Writer, Editor

Inspiring and Uplifting Fiction

I am a professional ghostwriter specialized in Christian romance. I am also an Amazon-published author with six years of writing and publishing experience. I have ghostwritten novels for various clients on other platforms who have gone on to publish on Amazon with success.

I especially enjoy writing full-length novels and series and have written several for clients that were well received.

I create original stories for clients or work with outlines they provide. All my stories are written and then handed over promptly. As a client, you own full copy-rights once I hand over the story to you, including stories I created from scratch.

As a professional ghostwriter, my clients' projects are safe with me as I have extensive skill working with clients from all over the world. I also write very fast without compromising on quality.
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College of Aviation and management studies, Advanced Diploma
Lagos, Nigeria|English

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