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Curriculum Vitae

Igor Jurčić
Blajburških žrtava 21b
88000 Mostar
Bosna i Hercegovina
Tel (private): +387 36 348 940
Mob: +387 63 363 353
e-mail: ijurcic77@gmail.com;

Basic information:

Date of birth: 3.11.1967.
Place of Birth: Mostaru, Bosna i Hercegovina
Citizenships: Croatian (EU) and B&H.












1982. – finnished primary school in Mostar
1986. – finnished secondary school in Mostar
6.5.1993. – finnished Faculty of electrical engineering in Split – telecommunications – B.Sc.EE degree.
20.7.1999. – finnished Master degree study on Faculty of electrical engineering in Split – M.Sc.EE.
October 2015 - started working on PhD thesis at FESB Split, the Split University (Telecommunication Business and Management). Untill now, I have finnished all Seminarsa and Qualification thesis and I am working on my final researches regarding my PhD Thesis: „Analysis of Eight Key Fields for telecommunication industry in Industry 4.0 era“ (new original research and analysis).

Working experience:

• 1.4.1994 – 31.12.1996 – Ministry of Inland Affairs, Department of Tehnical Affairs in Split, Croatia.
• 3.1.1997. – 31.3.2000. – HPT Mostar – B.Sc.EE and after M.Sc.EE. in Department for investment in telecommunications.
• 1.4.2000. – 15.8.2006. – ERONET (latter HT ERONET) – mobile telecommunication operator:
1. 1.4.2000. – 31.8.2000 – M.Sc.EE. in Department of telecommunication services (roaming and intercoonection).
2. 1.9.2000. – 31.8..2002. – Assistant Chief of the Department for services (billing, IN, IT services). During this period we have started and completed (within the sector) a large number of roaming agreements and within two years ERONET became the operator with the most commercial roaming agreements in Bosnia and Herzegovina (in comparison with the remaining operators in BiH). We successfully implemented the project of IN (Intelligent Network) system which is based on the introduction of pre-paid services in ERONET 17.6.2002. In addition, we made a whole series of smaller projects and more specifically can emphasize the introduction of SMS VAS services - project (complete solution), which is managed and conducted almost entirely within the Department. I was the coordinator of these projects.
3. 1.9.2002. – 30.6.2003. – Head of Department of billing, IN services and IT services - During this period we continued improvement of the previous activity. We increased IT security of the company. In parallel with these activities during September 2000. - June 2003. I was appointed head of the "Commission for tariff policy", which was tasked to create a complete tariff policy of the company - from the new tariffs, packages, activities and other amenities. This team was made up of professionals from different sectors (marketing, sales, finance, accounting system,...). In this period ERONET had a significant number of new tariffs, actions and general activity in the post-paid and pre-paid segment (from June 2002)., which have been successfully implemented and whose result was the growth of users and revenue in this period.
4. 1.7.2003. – 15.8.2006. – Member of the Management Board – Chief Marketing and Sales Officer – During this period ERONET was obtained by a third company in Bosnia and Herzegovina (including a complete economy) and despite all the (political) problems, ERONET grew by revenue and profit. During the period of three years, ERONET introduced GPRS services in its portfolio and a full range of services but also new tariff packages and significantly refreshed and improved its offer.
5. 14.12.2004. - 21.4.2005. acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and CMO in HT ERONET (at the same time).
• 1.9.2006. – 30.6.2007. – HT Mostar – Department of transmission systems. This was a transitional period coupling fixed telecom operator HT Mostar and ERONET in one company.
• 1.7.2007. – 30.6.2008. – Head of Sales Department in fixed network (HT Mostar – fixed telecommunication operator). During this period, the fixed part introduced a more proactive approach to customers in the whole action of HT Mostar and compiled sales network and opened a new sales outlets.
• 1.7.2008. – 30.11.2010. - Head of Marketing Department in fixed network (HT Mostar – fixed telecommunication operator). During this period, we created new packages offer a fixed line in POTS, ADSL, ISDN BRA and ISDN PRA segment and access to the Internet and made a lot of activities and benefits for users of the fixed network.
• 1.12.2010. – 30.9.2014. – Head of Marketing Department for Business customers (fixed and mobile customers). During the reorganization of the 2010th year, marketing landline and mobile marketing network is connected to a single marketing department and I got executive positions in marketing of business customers (complete range of services for business users - fixed services, mobile services and Internet). ERONET holds a significant portion of the business segment in BiH and the percentage seeing business segment is larger than HT ERONET (a company formed by the merger of fixed operator HT Mostar and mobile operator ERONET) has the entire segment of telecommunications services. The market research we have conducted and implemented, ERONET is perceived as operator for the business segment, ie, as the operator of "demanding and better customers."
• 1.10.2014. – until now – Head of marketing Business group for VSE/SME.

Working Experience on the Faculty of informatics in Mostar (FSR):

• Mobile communications (III), senior assistant: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.
• Digital communications (IV), senior assistant: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.
• Optical Communications (III), senior assistant: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.
• Telecommunication system and networks (IV), senior assistant: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Projects participations:

• Implementation of IN system (HT Eronet) - leader of the project (2001 – 2002)
• Implementation of GPRS system (HT Eronet) – sponsor of the project as CEO and CMO (2004 – 2005)
• Implementation of VPN system (HT Eronet) – participant in project (2011 – 2013)
• Leader and participant in many projects of introducing and implementing tariff models and options and creating og new services in HT Eronet (mobile and fixed services in private and business segment).

Published articles on symposiums and workshops:

• T. Kovačević, I. Jurčić: “Photonic Switching Methods and TheirApplication in BISDN Network”, ELMAR, Pula, Hrvatska, 1995.
• I.Jurčić, T. Kovačević: “A Contribution to the Design of Undersea Lightwave
Transmission System”, ELMAR, Pula, Hrvatska, 1995.
• I.Jurčić: Switching Systems: Application in Business network, SoftCOM, Split,
Hrvatska, 1995.
• I.Radišić, A. Krtalić, T. Sunarić, M. Krešić, I. Jurčić: Telecommunication Network in HPT Herceg-Bosne: Planning and Development, SoftCOM, Split, Hrvatska, 1997.
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• M. Gilja, A. Ivić, I. Jurčić: “Impementation of Measurements of QoS parameters in HPT Mostar“, SoftCOM, Split, Hrvatska, 1999.
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• D.Jurčić, I.Jurčić: The importance of public relations and a positive image of telecom operators in times of crisis, SoftCOM, Split, Hrvatska, 2013.
• D.Jurčić, I.Jurčić: Advertising of products and services with special emphasis on advertising in telecommunications sector, SoftCOM, Split, Hrvatska, 2013.
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• I.Jurčić, D. Jurčić: „Special features of advertising on social networks: #Twitter“, CRODMA Conference, Varaždin, Croatia, listopad 2017.
• I.Jurčić: „Digital marketing and Guerrilla marketing: huge opportunities for start-up companies“, CRODMA Conference, Varaždin, Croatia, listopad 2017.
• Ivan Radoš, Katarina Radoš, Igor Jurčić: “Availability of the networks composed of the multiple interconnected rings in two nodes”, Applied Researches in Technics, Technologies and Education Journal of the Faculty of Technics and Technologies, Trakia University, ožujak 2018,
• Igor Jurčić, Krishnan Umachandran, Valentina della Corte, Giobanna del Gaudio, Vasudeva Rao Aravind, Debra Ferdinand-James: “Industry 4.0: Unleashing Its Future Smart Services”, CIET Conference 2018, Split, Hrvatska, lipanj 2018,
• Leonidas A. Papakonstantinidis, Igor Jurčić: “Eight Key Fields analysis (EKF) and the 3 – pole (win – win - win) challenges for mobile telecommunication, CIET Conference 2018, Split, Hrvatska, lipanj 2018.
• Krishnan Umachandran, Igor Jurčić, Debra Ferdinand-James, Mohamed Mohamed Tolba Said, Adnan Abd Rashid: “Gearing up education towards Industry 4.0”, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS & TECHNOLOGY, ISSN: 2277 – 3061, Volume: 17 Issue: 02, September 2018, Website: https://cirworld.com,
• K. Umachandran, D.S. Ferdinand, I. Jurčić, Valentina Della Corte: “Industry 4.0: The New Industrial Revolution”, Chapter (6.) in handbook “Handbook of Research on Big Data Analytics for Smart and Connected Cities", IGI Communications, 2018.

The list of people for recommendations:


• Prof. dr. sc. Sven Gotovac
The Dean of FESB Split (University of Split, Republic of Croatia)
e-mail: gotovac@fesb.hr; sven.gotovac@fesb.hr
Mobile: +385 91 430 5850


• Josef Thuerriegl
e-mail: Josef.Thuerriegl@telekom.de


• Daniela Jurčić, PhD, docent (the wife)
Faculty of Philosophy; The University of Mostar
e-mail: daniela.jurcic@tel.net.ba
Mobile: +387 63 447 811

• Tonko Kovačević, PhD, (the best friend)
University Department of Professional Studies, University of Split
Head of Department of Electrical Engineering
teaching position: senior lecturer
e-mail: tkovacev@oss.unist.hr
Mobile (1): +385 95 905 0054
Mobile (2): +385 91 334 4199

For any additional informations, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,
Igor Jurčić, M.Sc.EE.
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