Imani Swift

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Freedom comes in many forms, my favorite form of freedom is the power to write until my soul sings!

Most of us do not relish the idea of talking about ourselves; however, in this case, I am delighted.

My name is Imani Swift; I've lived in most places in the state of Virginia.

Thanks to my mother, a Full-time CEO and single Parent to four noisy but adorable children. Growing up, I kept my nose glued to books, fingers dancing across pianos, and last but certainly, the most essential element about me making mud pie dinners before my mom would say "dinner is ready."

Nowadays, I have retired my mud pie-making skills for my new love, called writing.

It's very apparent that everyone who applies for writing gigs indeed loves to write.

So I didn't want to bore you with a predictable opening sentence like " I want to write for you because I love to write".

Though that is also true, I would be honored to continue doing the work I love and improve as a writer. Gig writing would grant me a phenomenal opportunity to continue with my passion.

Writing is my freedom, song, and dance; it frees my soul in ways! I hope you have enjoyed this sample; thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!
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