Ines Da Pieve

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Writer, Ghostwriter

In need of a true polymath? Ready to offer solutions with compelling content!

I´m a freelance B2B writer in the digital marketing arena—I pen blog articles about e-commerce, social media, productivity, and neuroscience. I know I have a unique set of skills and knowledge in a variety of areas.

Why choosing me?
I have an entrepreneurial mindset, so I know how to speak B2B! I´m the founder of NeuroESL®, a brand aimed to deliver brain-friendly language lessons. I´m versatile, with the capacity to tune into your audience and cater for the specific content needs of your buyer personas.

Why do I write?
It´s just second nature to me! I love telling stories, organizing ideas, and explaining procedures so people can make better choices and solve problems. And most importantly, I´m extremely curious. A true lifelong learner.

Where did I learn to write?
Online. I´ve been self-learning about copywriting, content writing, branding, and digital marketing since 2016.

How can I help you? Writing first-rate and well research-based:
-Blog articles
-Case studies
-Website copy
-Landing pages

I bet your company has many success stories to tell! I will treasure your content to elevate your online presence, add value to your vision and thus, build trust with customers.

Research, SEO, CMS, B2B content writing, content strategy, copywriting, ghostwriting, CM, teaching, basic graphic design.
Content Types
Ebook, Infographic, Case Study, Whitepaper, Blog Post, Article, Website Copy, Landing Page, Product Description, Checklist
More Information
Instituto Superior Daguerre, BA in English Teaching for High Education
Universidad del Salvador, BA in Music Therapy
Universidad del Este de La Plata, Diploma in Neuroeducation
Cambridge English, Certificate of Proficiency in English: Grade B
BerkeleyX, MOOC: The Science of Happiness
LinkedIn Learning, Writing Ad Copy
Buenos Aires, Argentina|English, Spanish

Published Content

How to Use the Hottest Social Media Apps to Boost Brand Engagement

Know the ins and outs of social media and start running the growth hacking engines! Learn how to delegate what you don´t want to do to a VA.

March, 12 2019
Blog Post
A five-star femmepreneur – meet Gretta van Riel!

A woman worth meeting. She created five profitable companies from scratch. She rocked Instagram and the water drinking arena.

February, 26 2019
Using Virtual Assistant Services for Your Real Estate Business

The endless benefits of having a virtual assistant for your real estate business.

February, 22 2019
Why Twitter is essential – revamp your marketing strategy today!
February, 15 2019
5 Award Winning Companies that Hire Remote Workers

This article aims to prove the multiple advantages that working remotely has, giving examples of famous award-winning companies whose employees embraced these new working lifestyle.

February, 15 2019
Blog Post
Amazon Pushes to Increase Final Mile Delivery Fleet with Uber Style Gig Economy Driver Pool

One of the latest moves by Amazon to remain on top of the logistics game

September, 11 2018
SEO for Newbies: The Basics

If you don´t have a clue about SEO, this piece will totally put you in the picture!

February, 7 2019
Blog Post
4 amazing inbound marketing tools to try now!

Explanation of the importance of inbound marketing over outbound marketing and how to apply 4 strategies to attract, convert, close and delight!

January, 22 2019
How social media is changing your brain

A simple explanation about the reward circuit and how dopamine dictates social media behavior.

January, 7 2019
Blog Post
Influencer marketing: why is it crucial?

A brief outline about influencer marketing

January, 11 2019
Blog Post
Advanced Instagram for Startups: Effective Step-by-Step Guide

Advanced tips to curious entrepreneurs who want to take their Instagram account to the next level. Latest proven techniques and trends.

December, 28 2018
Blog Post
Choosing a signature colour for your brand

Tips to choose the colors for your brand wisely. Brief and useful summary about the pshychology of color and marketing trends.

January, 2 2019
Blog Post
Each social media channel speaks its own language – use it to your benefit

Some of the major differences among the main social media platforms and how to use them to market yourself

December, 10 2018
Blog Post
Elevate your Brand Authority with these 4 New Linkedin Tools

In this post I summarized my research about new LinkedIn trends so entrepreneurs can apply them to their profiles to be more professional and competitive, staying on top of the game.

November, 22 2018
Blog Post
Instagram from Scratch!

A step-by-step guide that throws some light on the basics of Instagram for business for entrepreneurs who have no clue about using social media with selling purposes.

December, 1 2018
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