Ines Da Pieve

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Writer, Ghostwriter, Copy Editor, Editor

Versatile b2b copywriter & content writer—inbound certified

I´ll take your buyer persona 👔🙎 by the hand and walk them through that stage of the funnel.

No matter whether you want to:

• Raise brand awareness
• Provide all the ins and outs about your new product/service
• Finally jumpstart that purchasing decision with an irresistible CTA

I make it happen.

Responsive, curious, fast learner and open to new challenges.

Content Types
Infographic, Whitepaper, Blog Post, Article, Website Copy, Landing Page
More Information
Instituto Superior Daguerre, BA in English Teaching for High Education
Universidad del Salvador, BA in Music Therapy
Universidad del Este de La Plata, Diploma in Neuroeducation
Cambridge English, Certificate of Proficiency in English: Grade B
BerkeleyX, MOOC: The Science of Happiness
LinkedIn Learning, Writing Ad Copy
HubSpot Academy, Inbound Certified
Buenos Aires, Argentina|English, Spanish

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I provide specific tools to add some fresh air to your social media content while I persuade you to hire 50 Pound Social UK for social media management.

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Elevate Your Brand Authority With These 4 New Linkedin Tools

In this post I summarized my research about new LinkedIn trends so entrepreneurs can apply them to their profiles to be more professional and competitive, staying on top of the game.

November, 22 2018
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