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Irena Kotvitskaya - composer, sound designer, folk singer, pianist, producer (management and logistics of art projects)

Israel Union of Performing Artists EMI

Composer for documentary films and music projects: piano music, choral groups, folklore&ethno projects, music for the theater, art gallery and game Dev startups.
Styles: folk, ethno jazz, neoclassic, electronic music (Ableton).

Author of methodical programs for musical colleges and colleges of arts "Folklore Ensemble", "Folk Vocal" and “Conducting Author of the program for music schools and art schools "Folk Vocal".

Author of the scientific publication: the problems of authentic folklore, archaic rites of Belarus, styles and genres of ethnographic song culture.

The author of the methodology in the field of art therapy "Folk therapy" in working with children with disabilities, the program received a grant for 2018 from the Embassy (Consular Office) of Switzerland in Belarus.

Diploma from the Euro Union for contribution to development ethnic legacy of the Belarus-Poland cross-border area (Belarus, Grodno, August 2013).
Gratitude from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus for the revival and preservation of traditions in 2019.
Member of Israel Union of Performing Artists EMI (2020)

mob +972534819701

Research topic:
"Song of the native rite: function, typology, ranges of song-melodic types."
Russian, Belarusian, English,
French, Polish, Hebrew - under study
Years of work:
from 1998 to 2018
Highest category teacher
My music:
music for art gallery
music for gamedev

for piano
Irena Kotvitskaya - "Lida "
for voice+piano
Irena Kotvitskaya - Vjasna/Spring/ 3 grand piano
for voice a capella
Irena Kotvitskaya "Сілязенька/ Siljazen'ka " ballad about Love
Irena Kotvitskaya “Merry Christmas / Каляды ў Мірскім замку”
for documentary (password upon request)
for chamber choir, solo, children's choir and children's folklore ensemble
Irena Kotvitskaya "Ethno Fantasia".
for rock band+folktronika
Irena Kotvitskaya&WARSOBA band “Разок/Razok»
for ethno jazz band
Kazalpin band
for voice trio a capella
Akana trio
2008 Arrangement and vocal CD «700», a group of NHS (Warsaw. Poland)
2011 Arrangement and vocal CD "East Side Story", a project Kazalpin Belarus- Switzerland (Zurich, Switzerland).
2011 Vocal improvisation CD «Perypetyi" group "Prince Myshkіn." (Minsk, Belarus)
2012 Vocal improvisation CD «Knyaz Mishkin-20 km», a group of "Prince Myshkіn." (Minsk, Belarus)
2012 Singer, songwriter EP "Zaradzi Bozha", Edge «New Image Orkestra» (Prague, Czech Republic)
2013 Vocal, piano, composer, producer solo CD «Ethno fantasia» (Minsk, Belarus)
2015 Arrangement and vocal CD "Schnee", a project Kazalpin Belarus- Switzerland. (Zurich, Switzerland).
2017 Arrangement and vocal single on CD "Songs of the mother / Ushachi region"(Minsk, Belarus)
2017 Producer, arrangement and vocal CD "Zhoo: Art folk sound" (WG label, USA)
2018 Producer, arrangement and vocal EP “WARSOBA” (WG label, USA)
2019 Producer, arrangement, mentor for duet Vera&Alex album Belarusian Rhapsody "(WG label, USA)
2019 Producer, arrangement, vocal album Irena+ WARSOBA band "Razok" (WG label, USA)

“It seems to me that the Songs that sounded 1000 years ago are the same stories that I live today”.
Irena Kotvitskaya was born in Belarus (Minsk), where she received professional musical education starting from music school to the Academy of Sciences as ethnomusicologist and ethno singer. Since 1999, going to ethnographic expeditions around Belarus she collects folklore, publishes scientific works, teaches students and pupils. Since 2006, Irena is author and leader of projects «Ethno-NHS», «Akana-NHS»; does vocals and arrangement of projects Kazalpin ( Belarus-Switzerland) and Diagilew Project & Akana-NHS (Germany -Belarus); vocals and the concept of the duet AGATA and the of WARSOBA group (Belarus/ Poland. As the author of idea, composer and soloist Irena produces a project "Ethno Fantasia" with the State Chamber Choir of Belarus. She does the same project as a singer and a pianist . She is the author and artistic director of children's folklore ensemble "FolkRada" and other children's ethno-projects.

From 2014 to this day" Ethno Fantasia "
From 2015 to this day band WARSOBA (ex “Duet AGATA»
From 2009 to this day «Kazalpin» Belarus-Switzerland
Scientific works/ ethnomusicology: a series of articles in the fundamental editions on sining folklore of Belarus "Structure and typology of christening and birth songs" (decoding of authentic tunes, expeditions, maps).
Scope of creative activities: music of oral tradition in Belarus, live singing tradition and archaic ritual "voice". Creating own style of composing on the basis of global trends.
Musical concept - save deep stratum of Pre-Christianity culture and integrate it into the sphere of modern world music (clear Ethnic, art&urban folk, world music, ethno-jazz, modern, neoclassic).

Concert halls: (more than 500 concerts and performances)
• Moscow State Conservatory, Rachmaninov Hall;
• City Hall, Oslo, Norway
• Belarusian State Philharmonic, the Great Hall and others.
International festivals:
• «Mikolajki folkowe» (2006, Lublin, Poland. Diplom of 1st place& Grand Prix.)
• «Universe of Sound", Moscow Conservatory im.P.Chaykovskogo (2007, Moscow, Russia)
• VIII International Festival "Gathering of Friends", Moscow Conservatory, Rachmaninov Hall. (Moscow, Russia, 2014)
• «Kulturen Europas: Die Weibe Erde» (Dortmund, Bonn, Germany, 2009)
• «Koktebel Jazz" (2009, Ukraine)
• «Gogolfest" (2009. Ukraine. Kiev)
• "Belarusian Art Against Dictatorship" (2009, Oslo, Norway)
• «Slavic Bazaar. Jazz Playground "Koktebel Jazz" (2010 Vitebsk, Belarus)
• I and II Festival of Culture of Belarus "Lin & Blaklint-I" (2011, 2012, Helsinborg, Sweden)
• Festival "Show Europe - Show Belarus" (2011, Évora, Portugal)
• "Stimmen-Festival" (2012, Lorrach, Germany)
• XXIX International Festival "Belarusian Musical Autumn". "Ethno Fantasia" for chamber choir, solo, children's choir and children's folklore ensemble. Anniversary concert of the State Chamber Choir of the Republic of Belarus. Belarusian State Philharmonic Society. Minsk. 26.10.2013
• Days of Belarus in Sweden "BELARUS DAGARNA" (2015, Stockholm, Sweden)
• BeJazz Winterfestival (2016, Bern, Switzerland)
• Festival Viel Jazz (2017, Zug, Switzerland)
• The 5th annual Jazz Nights festival (2017 Minsk, Belarus)
• The Santarcangelo art Festival (2019, Santarcangelo, Italia)
• the 11 Edition of Ínternational Prize “The Naked Theatre” of Teresa Pomodoro (2019 Milan, Italy)
Press: (more than 150 interviews for TV, Radio, Magazine)

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Belarusian State University of Culture and Art. 1993-1998 , Graduate School: Institute of Art History, Ethnography and Folklore of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus. 1998-2002 Specialty: musical art.
Ashdod, Israel|English, Hebrew, Russian

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