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Forged in the heat of battle.

January 2018-present, Vocal Media article Writer - Copywriter for 2011 and August 2017-present,, 2011, responsible for writing copy.
2017 Runner Writer: Worked with an editor to write the article, Weather Extremes and Chronic Conditions.
July 2016- January 2017. Work from home.
Chef Koochooloo, (the Little Chef) Intern (education tech start-up) sales, HR and grantwriting.
June 2016, August 2016-San Francisco Web Studio June 2016, August 2016, lead generator responsible for finding interested parties, in sales.
October 2015-November 2015-Uber Driver: October 2015-November 2015. private tutor with a 10th grader and a 7th grader. Spanish tutor., Copyeditor for an online journal of myth and theatre,
People for Social Sustainability’s publication: Resource Based Economy Journal. Co-Editor Fall Winter 2012/Spring/summer issue 2012.Resource Based Economy Journal. New Aeon Journal Chief Editor Issue #13. Self-employed.
2010-2011-Well Fit AJ. As a writing consultant, proofread, and edited a book on lower back pain for personal trainer.
2008-2011-Organizational Consultant. Helping someone organize his floor as well as sorted through recycling. Suggested organizing ideas.
2004-Previous experience as private student tutor for one student at Foothill College 200
February 2008 – April 2008-Records Clerk, Temporary records clerk gig. Filing alphabetically and numerically by using a hand-held scanner for bar codes. Occasionally made files. Heller-Erhman through Ventura Staffing Partners/Staffmark: 2008.
- November 2008-January 2009-Clerk Typist. Typing appraisal reports and answering phones: Forsythe Appraisals.
2007-Marketing Coordinator, Aeronautica 3D:
2004- Evaluated by phone the possibility of sales of Bird’s Eye software. Sales Intern. Proteligent/ICE: Marketed Bird’s Eye software.
2005-Proofreader. Work at home freelance for The Banyan tree project.
The Hom Team. Proofreader.Temporary. 2007.
2003-Some retail with Mosaic Sales Solutions at various store locations selling DSL kits.
Fall 1999-February 2000. Sales. Cutco Cutlery.

Legal Requirements for Small Businesses 2016,
Office Team: Advancing Your Administrative Career. 2005.
Using Effective Business Communication. 2005.
Overview to Effective Business Communication: 2005.
Getting Started. Administrative Support. 2005.
Effective Administrative Support Professional Simulation: 2005. Understanding Your Customer. 2016
Starting a Small Business, 2016.
Work2Future: Beginner Excel Certificate. 01/06/2017
Work 2Future Google Drive 09/2017
Work2Future: Supreme Customer Service. 2017.
Work2Future: Technical Writing Certificate. 2017.
Leadership Bootcamp October 2017
Small Business Boot Camp SCORE CLASS
Work2Future: QuickBooks. 2017.
Work2Future: PowerPoint. 2017. Open2Study Writing for the Web Course In progress. 2017. Basic Bookkeeping and Accounting, Intermediate Bookkeeping and Accounting, and Advanced Bookkeeping and Accounting.
Student Government work Foothill College 1999-2002, agent, senator, parliamentarian, and student’s rights and affirmative action officer.
Writing for the Web Open To Study–Finished September 4th, 2017

B.A. English, Creative Writing, San Francisco State University, 2007.
-Associates in Anthropology with Honors, 2004.
-Associates in Creative Writing, 2004.
Written Communication Certification, Foothill College, 2001.
2011 Job Train Completed: Computer Service Repair Technician Certification, Beginner Electronics. Job Train: Wireless Installer Certification.
4 years HTML since 2012. CSS, some Javascript.
Penn web design HTML career diploma final grade 95%,
Penn private investigation course: 87%.
Saint Francis High School, Diploma, 1999.
Spanish speaker.
Work from home writer, and aspiring entrepreneur who is in the business plan writing stage only.

Skills: One stop shop, writing, editing, proofreading, creative writing, non-fiction writing, copywriting. Writing resumes. Writing books, fiction and non-fiction. Blogging. Affiliate marketing. Some sales.
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San Francisco State University, B.A. English, Creative Writing
U.S. Air Force Academy, CO 80840, USA|English, Spanish

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And here we have a piece about the end of the world.
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Caffeine Addiction

I wrote an article about caffeine addiction and how to quit. This is a very real addiction that doesn't get enough press.

August, 5 2018
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