Irina Yakubin

Copywriter, Editor, Ghostwriter, Technical Writer, Writer

Organic, SEO rich content of any type on any subject

With over four years of experience as a content writer and editor, I’ve had experience writing web pages, blog posts, including offsite blog posts, website copy, articles, and even academic content. I have a diverse educational background that includes history, the creative arts, and the medical field- I am particularly well versed in the eye care field. My prior experience allows me to write well on a variety of topics and reach a variety of audiences. Through my education and previous work experience, I’ve also developed a keen ability to research topics, which helps me provide organic, relevant content.

At this time, I am looking to establish both short term and long-term connections with prospective clients who can offer a flexible schedule.
Content Types
Blog Post, Article, Checklist, Commercial, Press Release, Ebook, Website Copy, Product Description, Ad/Promotional Copy, Email Newsletter, Script, Landing Page
More Information
University of California, Los Angeles, Bachelors in History, Minor in Russian Studies
IAUPR School of Optometry, OD Candidate c/o 2020
Los Angeles, CA, USA|English

Published Content

19 Make Up Must-Know Tips for Girls with Darker Skin Tones

A short piece I did for a client on ClearVoice that entailed both writing and finding appropriate imaging.

November, 20 2018
Boudica- The Avenging Queen

History Article and Artwork: Introduction to History of Queen Boudica.

January, 11 2017
A Diet for Your Eyes: 3 Do’s and Don’ts for Ocular Nutrition
May, 4 2017
Staying Healthy In Optometry School
October, 17 2017
Devine Felines: The History Of Cats In Egypt
October, 22 2018
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Cataract Surgery in the Fuchs Dystrophy Transcript.pdf

Matched for client style and font. Geared towards a medical continuing education course

PDF upload
5 Tips for Explaining Ocular Disease to Your Patients.pdf
PDF upload
5 Easy Gifts for Your Favorite CPAP User.pdf
PDF upload
Referral Marketing Best Practices.pdf

An example of my work for another client based on their chosen topic and key points.

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harry potter wedding articles.pdf
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Our Why: An Inspirational Story

A story about senator Duckworth and her journey as a supporter of Optometry

February, 28 2018
The US Finally Involved in Venezuela Crisis

News article on US involvement in Venezuela

December, 8 2016
Red Wine or White Wine: What should You Be Drinking?

A light hearted article that educates readers about wine basics

December, 8 2016
Ocular Trauma 101: What You Need to Know

An article directed towards optometry students and practicing OD's that addresses ocular trauma scenarios

April, 20 2018
A Legend never dies: Prince the Inspirational Music Icon

A commemorative article about the singer, Prince

December, 7 2016
Chechnya Continues to Massacre Gay Community, Denies that “Gays” Exist”

Journalistic article covering the atrocities in Chechnya

September, 27 2017
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