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Writing has been the only action that I can say with certainty has never become dull or uninteresting to me. In my personal life, I write articles that explore esoteric, spiritual phenomena and connect them with daily life. Everyone deserves a life of wonder, questioning the simple and complex issues. This is the core of our being, these deeper questions. In my professional life, I write shoe review articles that boast 4,000 words or more. I am an avid lover of the arts and write poetry. Poetry is all about creating a feeling through not only rhythm but vision and color. This has helped me become keen to details and allowed me to put myself in the customer's shoes, creating in a way that resonates with them, undoubtedly. I enjoy shoes that are not only fashionable but functional. I find the features of modern shoewear fascinating. The amount of thought that goes into the construction of even something as nominal as a house-slipper is astounding.
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