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IT and Techonology Copywriter

The solution to excellent writing?

Understanding your target audience back and front.

You run a successful business. You know its ins and outs.
You’re great at it.

But you know there is WAY more out there for you. The scope of your potential is IMMENSE.
More customers. Higher recognition. Higher sales.

And yes, writing is tedious… Even so when it comes to writing about your own business.
How do you come across as non-sales-y but persistent enough to push for the sale?
Where do you draw the line between pacing and persistence?

I’m here for this specific reason.
I craft persuasive and compelling copy that attracts your readers, grabs and maintain their interest, leading to higher conversion rates.

And you know it… Technology is growing exponentially. Start-ups keep on emerging. One sure way to BLOW your competition out of water is to ensure your copy is absolutely convincing.

My specialties include:
-Understanding Your Objectives:
What is the purpose of your copy? What do you want it to achieve? What do you want people to think/do after reading it?

-Knowing Your Target Audience to the CORE (KEY SECTION):
Who is the copy aimed at? Current or potential clients? The media? All of these?
What job title would the typical reader have? What level of knowledge is assumed? Which key terms should be explained?

-SEO Optimization
Partnered with your SEO strategist, we’ll ensure all the keywords are included in a natural, effortless way.

-Content Strategy:
Which web pages? Landing or about? How many pages? Bulk of text?

-Words Supporting Design
Tech firms will specially have graphics. A picture is worth 1000 words, goes the saying. How much do you think a picture supported by the PERFECT words is worth?

-100% Perfected Copy
The grand finale: engaging, eye-gluing copy which snactches your readers out of auto pilot, keeps them reading and gets them to take action.

You got about 3 seconds to convince someone who lands on your website to keep reading. Excellent copy is a must.

My goal is to let your customers know what you want to say in the words they want to hear.
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Hong Kong Baptist University, Bachelor of Business Administration
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