Iuliana Marchian

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter, Editor, Photographer, Writer, Managing Editor

Travel writer, editor, blogger, and photographer - interested in anything related to travel, culture, historic sites, and authentic places.

Iuliana Marchian is an accomplished travel writer and blogger and a former editor of Arrivedo platform – a destination marketing software for digital teams at travel and tourism brands. She currently writes travel content for Modern Trekker and Inside Himalayas (digital and print magazine). Iuliana’s freelance work has also appeared in Intrepid’s Magazine, Matador Network, and National Geographic Romania.
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Article, Blog Post, Whitepaper, Ebook, Interview, Case Study, Email Newsletter, Guide, Presentation, Page Layout, Headshot, General Photo, Documentary, Landing Page
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Matador University for Travel Journalism, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), focus on travel journalism
University of Architecture and Urban Planning - Bucharest, Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.)
Sibiu, Romania|English, Italian, Romanian

Published Content

'Trekking the trans-Saharan routes' article in the National Geographic Romania magazine

After returning from Morocco's desert, I published this article about my personal experience trekking a small part of Sahara's wilderness. All the information and photos provided in this article were documented during my 2015 trip to Morocco.

April 2nd, 2017
Assistant Editor & Expert Travel Writer

Freelance Travel Writer for this company that focuses on writing Neighborhood Guides for Hotels, including local recommendations for guests. I had to handle outreach to hotels, online interviews with hotel’s staff, writing guides following Arrivedo’s voice & style. As an assistant editor, I had to provide clear and constructive written feedback for formatting, photos, content requirements, and SEO.

Cover Story for the Inside Himalayas's Print Magazine, #6/ 2018

As a regular contributor of the online magazine, I had to write an article for the biannual print magazine of the same company. My article was selected as the Cover Story of issue 6/2018. The trek I wrote about was documented during my 2016 trip to Nepal. All the photos in the article are part of my personal photography stock.

Content Travel Writer and Adventure Hunter

Freelance travel writer for the online magazine of this platform for booking holidays and experiences with local, independent specialists. In addition, I was an adventure hunter for the same company, on a mission to uncover the best adventures and local hosts on the planet.

May 21st, 2018
Travel Article for the Inspire Section of the print Intrepid Magazine #10

I wrote an inspiring travel article for this adventure magazine, with an emphasis on motivating and empower women to take their adventures to the next level. I provided lots of information and insight on a four-day trek in the wilderness of the Sahara Desert, Morocco.

Travel Writer

Regular travel writer for this online magazine for travelers from all over the world. So far, I have written travel articles from the Balkans, Morocco, Nepal, Middle East, Europe and Thailand. Information and photos provided in these articles were documented during my travels.

February 27th, 2019
Travel Columnist

I wrote a weekly travel column for this Nepalese magazine, providing ideas and information for future tourists coming to Nepal. All the pieces and photos were documented during my two-month trip through Nepal in 2016.

April 15th, 2018
Freelance travel writer

Freelance travel writer for Matador Network online magazine. As I graduated from the Fundamentals of Travel Writing at Matador University, I also wrote several pieces for their online journal. All the information provided in these articles was documented during my travels.

March 21st, 2018
General Photo
Featured Photo in Travel Antics Magazine #2 digital magazine

My photo of a local weaving shop was featured in this magazine documenting authentic travel experiences from the remotest corners of the world.

April 17th, 2018
Blog Post
Travel Writer

Freelance travel writer for the online magazine of this photo website. I wrote for them several travel pieces, motivating photographers to travel to those destinations.

October 13th, 2018
Blog Post
Travel Blogger

Travel writer, photographer, and editor at my personal travel and hiking blog, specializing in slow travel, road tripping, and adventures, with a special emphasis on hidden gems and off the beaten track places. All the information and photos provided in this travel blog are documented during my travels.

Camping in Lemnos's wilderness article for the Rulotism print magazine (#March, 2018)

Rulotism is a Romanian magazine (online and in print) focusing and promoting how to travel by camper-van and the advantages of staying in camping grounds. I wrote a travel article for them about Camping in Lemnos Island (Greece). All the information and photos in this article were documented during my 2016 trip to Lemnos Island.

Travel Columnist at LiterNet

I wrote monthly travelogues for this digital cultural journal in Romanian, encouraging its readers to stay curious and open-minded when traveling to remoter places of different cultures. All pieces were documented during my travels.

Travel Writer (print and digital culture magazine)

I wrote travel articles for this local cultural journal in Romania, with a special emphasis on the cultural dimension of traveling. All articles were documented during my travels

October 30th, 2018
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