Iuliia Serukhina


Russian language SEO copywriter with 20 years' experience in marketing.

Hi! I would like to help your business.

I am a Russian language copywriter with 20 years' experience in marketing.

✅I write SEO articles for quick access to the top SEARCH engines.
✅I create effective sales chain mailing lists B2B, B2C.
✅I also write direct response promo posts for infobusiness, services, and consumer products, as well as scenarios for online and offline webinars.

What I can do in SEO:

✅ Write text for people without forgetting about robots;
✅ Create articles on almost any topic;
✅ Work in the popular CMS (WordPress, Opencart);
✅ Create teaser titles;
✅ Select the correct keywords.
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Article, Social Copy, Email Newsletter
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Russia, Moscow Oblast, Russia|Russian

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