J. Chris Templeton

Content Strategist

Generating content for sales and marketing can seem like a huge hurdle, ​but it’s a simple step with an Influence Spotlight Interview

Let me take the pain out creating compelling content through simple interviews that bring the passion and authenticity of:
- You and your staff
- Clients
- Vendors
- Thought leaders

Through these interviews you have the basis for creating:
- Sales materials
- Marketing collateral
- Testimonials
- Appreciation videos for customers, staff and even vendors
- And so much more...

These interviews can be distributed via:
- Email
- Website
- Social Media

You won't believe that content creation could be so simple and easy.


Chris Templeton is the founder of Influence Internet. In addition to helping small to mid-sized businesses with their marketing, he has conducted hundreds of business radio interviews for over 10 years on KVON’s Today in the Napa Valley, The Napa Chamber Edition. He continues this type of interview with clients all over the world.

Chris has also created Oh The Stories We Tell, a work that helps people to understand why they behave the way they do. Check it out at, OhTheStoriesWeTell.com.

Influence Internet helps small and mid-size businesses to improve customer understanding and sales and marketing strategies to increase revenue.

We believe that creating or enhancing your online marketing efforts works best when you partner with us! From corporate messaging through back end technology, we are committed to engineering solutions that meet your goals, objectives, and timeframe - within your budget.
Content Types
Article, News Video, General Video, Interview, Whitepaper, Website Copy, Product Video, Blog Post, Email Newsletter
More Information
UC Santa Cruz, BA - Sociology
Napa, CA, USA|English


Surrogacy Agency Conceptual Options, LLC

I provide multiple interviews for Conceptual Options, a surrogacy agency that works internationally and with the LGBTQ and straight communities,

Unpacking God

An ongoing Podcast with Michael Cooke author of Unpacking God for the 21st Century.


YouTube channel focusing on vendors for Pet Event Professionals. I am the host and provide the interview for my client

Product Video
The Playful Garden Interview & Tour

An interview of the owner of the Playful Garden including customer interviews. Imagery added after the interviews

Lou Penning Landscapes 30th Anniversary Interview

An interview with Lou and his son Ben about the business' 30th year in business. They were interviewed first, then imagery was added.

June 4th, 2019
Nonprofit Support Webinar

A presentation by Phil Johncock on his new nonprofit support website.

Sherwood Construction Interview

An interview with Eric Sherwood of Sherwood Construction regarding his values in his business,

Redeemers Chapel Interview

A wonderful interview with Sam Oekamna about his amazing church, Redeemers Chapel in Maryland. Interesting from the standpoint of the community and that they are primarily from Nigeria.

October 11th, 2019
Interview of partner on the importance of customer service, especially with an outsourced call center

I interviewed Heather on her role with a prior employer in the middle of shutting down during the 2008 recession. The focus was on the importance of customer service and how to maintain a high level of quality from an outsourced call center.

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