Jen Karner

Copy Editor, Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Photographer, Writer

Everyone has a story

Jen fell in love with writing as a child, and never managed to look back.

She started writing stories when she was still in primary school, and never really stopped. In 2015 she started her Freelancing career and during that time has written upwards of 600 clips covering mobile technology, VR/AR, video games, activism, womens health issues, feminism and intersectionality and more.

She grew up in the suburbs of Baltimore MD, where she still lives today with her partner Riggs, and rescue dog Fionn. When she isn't working on an article she is writing fiction, and is currently editing a full length novel. She also runs a website, Syllables and Sass, which aims to help new freelancers find their voices, and share their stories.
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