JP Taxman

Graphic Designer, Photographer

Delivering more than expected

I've woven design into every fabric of my life. I'm extremely passionate about design and on top of doing it professionally, I've take the principles I've learned and applied them to my personal life. For instance, iteration, I love asking unique questions in conversation. I started doing this a few years ago and, and as the first iteration I'd ask questions like, "If you were given 1 billion dollars tomorrow what would you do with it?"

What I found was that I'd sometimes forget the questions I'd come up with. This lead me to list them in the notes app I use. However, I'd still forget to go in and access them deep in my phone. That was my second iteration.

My most recent iteration has been to write the questions on cards then to pull them out of my pocket, fan them out, and ask the person I'm with to pick one. This iteration has been ideal because it's unique, memorable, and surprises both of us a bit because I don't have any clue what they might pick.

I've had some great conversations by doing this, and it's made my interactions with people so much less boring.

Outside of that, I love graphic design. Creating great branding and content that really has meaning and evokes a strong emotion in the person who interacts with the design always leaves me with a sense of satisfaction.
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