J.S. Ramiro

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Science-Fantasy Writer

J.S. Ramiro is a Science Fantasy author, living in Leiria, Portugal, with her twenty cats, and a wide collection of tea that will never run out.

Wanting to be a writer since she first learned how to put sentences together, she quickly caught the eye of her teachers, being selected for any sort of projects that involved creative writing; from creating slogans to writing little poems with funny rhymes.
When she's not writing, she can be found playing video-games, listening to audiobooks, or sketching ideas in random scraps of paper, littered around her organised mess of a bedroom.
She also enjoys long walks in the rain, and evil laughs while plotting unfortunate fates for her characters.
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The Thirst
The Thirst

A vampire goes to the underground blood market, ever mindful of the dangers lurking in the dark; humans.

April, 23 2018
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