Jackie Hauer

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Equal parts entrepreneur, special needs mom, healthy living enthusiast, and style-loving girl, I’m navigating life somewhere in between.

Wife to a really good man, momma to two smart and gorgeous special needs boys who challenge and amaze me daily, and an adorable French Bulldog who doesn't quite understand she isn't human. Fiercely loyal friend, sounding board, and secret keeper. At times stubborn, frustrating, and bossy. Loved by God anyway.
Award-winning event planner, hosting, decor, and organization maven. Healthy living and weight loss success story. Collector of moments with special people who bring me joy. Chocolate and peanut butter lover. Pretty things such as flowers and just about anything pink or gold make me smile. I take my work seriously but don’t take myself too seriously. Perfectly imperfect, and old enough to know that, in spite of how much I’ve learned, I am nowhere near knowing it all!
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University of Central Florida, Psychology
Orlando, Florida|English, Spanish

Published Content

Making The Most of Your NYC Vacation With The New York Pass
July, 31 2018
Blog Post
My Weight Loss Story

Autobiographical post detailing the journey from being overweight and suffering from physical ailments and limitations to getting fit and experiencing freedom in leading a healthy lifestyle.

March, 6 2017
Blog Post
Everybody Needs An Aaron: How Friendship and Acceptance Can Change Everything For A Special Needs Child

A post I recently wrote about how true friendships between neurotypical and special needs children are healthy and beneficial for both. It was inspired by the friendship between my son Jack, who has Asperger Syndrome, and his school friend, who makes loving and befriending Jack look effortless.

March, 13 2018
Blog Post
5 Holiday Gifts To Give Yourself This Season

A post about prioritizing self-care and meaningful experiences and connections in the midst of the busy holiday season.

December, 5 2017
Ad/Promotional Copy
Tried It: Go Go Gift Bag!

A post reviewing and promoting Go-Go Gift Bags.

December, 12 2017
Buyers Guide
The 5 Dr Brandt Products You Need To Try!

A post detailing 5 must-have beauty and skin care products by Dr. Brandt including features, pricing, and customer review.

June, 1 2017
Blog Post
Why Are Our Dreams So Small?

A post about our dreams-- how much hope we are filled with during our early years and how easily we abandon them as we get older.

May, 24 2017
Blog Post
Miscarriage: Gaining and Losing, Learning and Weeping

A post about going through a miscarriage and learning from the experience.

November, 27 2017
Blog Post
“Mommy, It’s Time!”

Autobiographical piece detailing the journey into motherhood-- covering topics such as prematurity, NICU hospitalizations, special needs children, Autism, Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome, and life as a special needs family.

June, 15 2017
Blog Post
How I Fuel My Days With Zone Perfect Nutrition Bars

Sponsored post as part of my partnership with Zone Perfect Nutriton Bars. Details how the bars became an instrumental part of my health journey, and how they help me stay on track with my nutrition plan.

January, 8 2018
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