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This is Jackson Miller whom is a recent graduate of Saint Cloud State University with a degree in Elementary Education. He has been influenced by a diverse group wonderful teachers and writers throughout his life. These influences have helped shape Jackson into a hardworking, curious, and thoughtful person who is always eager for a new experience. Elementary Education has allowed himself to grow a deep and conceptual understanding of how students learn and operate. Being able to take his expertise and share it with the world is an honaorable task that Jackson is passionate about. Even though Elementary Education is his main study of focus, he has had many life experiences that he's become an expert to. While not in the classroom, Mr.Miller is a house painter during the summer months and zips around town as pizza delivery driver at night. Both of these jobs have come with a twist of experiences. Throughout his career as a house painter Jackson has picked up on a variety of skills. Learning new tips and tricks guided Jackson into becoming better everyday. As for being a pizza delivery driver, Jackson never knows what to expect. Each day comes with a new learning occurrence. Any opportunity to write is an opportunity that Jackson Miller will take in order to keep challenging himself and help others blossom along the way.
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