Jacob Kienlen

Content Strategist, Editor, Writer

SEO Strategist for The Manual, Amusement Muse, and Feast Muse

Jacob is an established entertainment enthusiast. He has been writing content for about 4 years across multiple sites. He spent some time writing commerce content for digitaltrends.com before moving to a different position within the company. Now you can find the bulk of his work on themanual.com, where he primarily writes about Netflix and various movies. He has recently started writing his own blog, amusementmuse.com, where he covers entertainment.

When he isn’t writing or working, you can find him watching endless movies and TV shows on his couch. He also plays a plethora of indie games on the Nintendo Switch and PC. And when neither of those suit his fancy, you can likely find him fiddling with his guitar and piano to attempt to make music.
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Oregon State University, Digital Communication Arts
Portland, OR, USA|English

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