Jacqui Dawson

Graphic Designer

Bringing order out of chaos, one pixel at a time.

I have a unique ability to manipulate and add hierarchy to text and visuals so that you can get your message across efficiently and with impact. I work from both sides of my brain to bring you creative design and effective content. As a skilled and experienced hands-on graphic designer, I continue to learn new technologies as they emerge, in order to provide my clients with the effective designed content they need.

Contact me so I can help you achieve your content marketing goals with well-designed materials.

Getting to know me in 10:
• I’m a Canadian, married to an American.
• I’m a designer, who can also write, edit and proofread copy.
• I am a master at finding the right image to convey a message.
• I have a Photoshop Guru Award.
• I like to solve problems—and will search for and learn the right solution/software/information to resolve them.
• I am not afraid to make informed decisions.
• I thought I liked to garden until I bought a house with a big landscaped back yard.
• Life is too short not to laugh often.
• I have been to all 50 US states, all 10 Canadian provinces (plus the Yukon which was beautiful) and more than 15 countries.
• Though I am not very good at it, I love to do origami. Something about creating a new object out of a flat piece of paper appeals to me.
Content Types
Ebook, Presentation, Infographic, Case Study, Whitepaper, Direct Mail, Illustration, Page Layout, Graphic
More Information
Concordia University, Montreal, BFA
Memorial University of Newfoundland, BSc
Cape Coral, FL, USA|English, French

Published Content

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Page Layout

Website design in Divi for Wordpress

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Signage for industry event

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Event logo design/branding

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Page Layout

Magazine ad

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Logo design/branding

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Logo design/branding

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Page Layout

Quarterly 76-page magazine -- design and layout

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eBook and print book for eye care practices

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Page Layout

76 page magazine for the insurance industry, designed from start to finish.

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