Jaibala Rao

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I am Jaibala Rao, a mom to a wonderful boy, daughter to my parents and sister to my brother and my sister in law. And yes we live together all of us, makes it so much more interesting! So much of what I write is from what I see, feel and observe around me and most of the times they end up being the subjects of my writing. I am also friends with some of the most amazing people.

Academically, I have my Masters in Microbiology (Yes I was one of those good students, people who don’t have a life), and professionally I have worked in the event industry taking on various roles. I think this diverse experience is what even prepared me for writing in so many tones and styles.

But if you ask me, what truly I am is a reader and a Writer. They have been my only constants in life (except for family). What I write about is anything that inspires me to. It doesn’t take a lot for an idea to take root in your head, and once it is there, it has to be written.

I write a personal blog, as a columnist at various portals and even commercial content. My blog has been featured in the top Indian Blogs and posts have even been awarded with various accolades.
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