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Jaime Mansilla is an internationally recognized musician such as virtuoso violinist and conductor, original from Chile. Nowadays, he has been living in the United States of America from many years.
His long career began ‘s as a teenager, and soon after it took an impressive step because he got involved in the international music circle. The first step he took in achieving this was a tour in 1978 through South America, Central America and the United States of America.
Three more achievements that prove his early involvement in the international music circle include:
● In 1986, Mr. Mansilla was the only Chilean musician invited to join the World Philharmonic Orchestra that occurred in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which was under the conduction of the world famous American director, Lorin Maazel.
● In 1992, a Music Review in the New York Times described him as “a super technician” due to his performance as the solo violinist at Carnegie Hall in New York City.
● In 1993, he was the conductor and soloist of the “First Classical Concert in the Antarctic Territory”, covered by CNN, BBC of London, and all of the Worldwide press.
Furthermore, Jaime Mansilla’ musical career developed through other multiple concert tours to four continents, his position as concertmaster in several orchestras for different countries, his work with professional orchestras in the United States of America, and his many recordings as a soloist in music genres that range from classical to contemporary styles.
The numerous concert tours that Mr. Mansilla participated in as soloist took place in Africa, Europe, North America, and South America. In these tours, he performed with chamber musical groups and orchestras in the most prestigious concert halls of the world. Some of these concert halls included Carnegie Hall and the United Nations building in New York City; the Place des Arts in Montreal, Canada; Mozarteum of Salzburg, Austria; and in many other countries such as:
● United States of America ● France ● Poland ● Hungary ● Germany ● Mexico ● Czech Republic ● Panama ● Costa Rica ● Peru ● Chile ● South Africa ● Spain ● Guatemala ● Argentina ● Brazil● Honduras ● El Salvador ● Bolivia ● Italy, etc.
In addition to the concert tours, Jaime Mansilla has been the Concertmaster in many orchestras of South Africa, South America, and the United States of America.
Aside from being the concertmaster in five orchestras in the United States since his arrival, he has continuously collaborated with many symphony orchestras and Opera’s orchestras in their official concert seasons in several America’s states.

Recording Artist
Jaime Mansilla has made several recordings throughout is career as a soloist and conductor. In 1993, he released his first CD called “Beethoven Violin Sonatas”, and in 1994, he released a CD called: Vivaldi “Las Cuatro Estaciones” .
This musical production was the first recording in Chile made by a classical violinist as soloist and conductor. Jaime Mansilla conducted the chamber orchestra of the municipal theater, which he founded in 1993.

In the United States of America, his first recordings were made under the label Music Studio. These first recordings with Music Studio released as three albums between 2008 and 2009, which were named:
1 / “The Four Seasons” Album with the four violin concertos Op. 8 by A. Vivaldi: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.
Jaime Mansilla – Violin
St. Angelis Chamber Orchestra

2 / “The Magic Violin”
Album with a classic selection of the virtuosity pieces for violin & orchestra. Include the contemporary piece for alone violin “Transformations II” by Max Lifchitz from 1982.

3 / “Beethoven Violin Sonatas”
Album with the Sonatas No 1 in D for Violin & Piano, and the famous and monumental Sonata No 9 in A “Kreutzer”.
Jaime Mansilla – Violin
Emily Baker – Piano

After those albums, Music Studio released new productions with Jaime Mansilla as the violin soloist. Those productions were: “The Best of Vivaldi” (2011), “My First Classical Album” (2017), and “The 20 Greatest Pieces of Classical Music” (2017).
In the year 2018 under the American Music label DistroKid, Jaime Mansilla released this recordings for violin and orchestra as the soloist for:
1 – “Nessun Dorma” – Single. Released: Jan 3, 2018
2 – “Un bel di vedremo” – Single. Released: Jan 4, 2018
3 – “Stravaganza 3” – Album. Released: Jan 5, 2018
4 – “La Donna E Mobile” – Single. Released: Jan 8, 2018
5 – “Figaro” – Single. Released: Jan 8, 2018
6 – “Carmen” – Album. Released: Jan 27, 2018
7 – “Thais Meditation” .Single. Released: Mar 2, 2018
In May 2019, under the music label DistroKid, he released the album: “Opera’s Hits” with thirteen tunes dedicated to the best music from the world of opera.
Furthermore, he released singles as violin and orchestra versions of the “Game of Thrones” theme, and “For the Love of a Princess” from Braveheart.
This same year, he released the album “Traviata”, the single “The Queen of the Night” as a conductor, the soundtrack “Schindler’s List” and the cover of the tune “Shape of You”. All of his recordings are available on the best online music platforms such as:
– Apple Music – iTunes – Amazon – Deezer – Spotify – Shazam – Tidal – and many others.
On top of all of these accomplishments mentioned above, Jaime Mansilla has been awarded with several prizes as a distinguished International artist thought out his career.
For decades, Jaime Mansilla’ career and musical activities have been published by several press coverage sources such as: newspapers (New York Times, Miami Herald, El Mercurio, etc.), magazines (Jupiter Magazine, New York Magazine, etc.), radio, TV news outlets (CNN, BBC London, etc.), and online for prestigious international blogs of music and newspapers. In these sources, they have specifically done professional music reviews and critiques, articles, commentary, and interviews.
Jaime Mansilla play his Music in a centenary Violin Antonius Stradivarius crafted in Cremone, Italy in 1701.
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