Jake McCurdy

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Editor, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Videographer, Writer

Messaging drives conversion. Beautiful creative itself is not enough (but it helps)...

Jake McCurdy founded Cinemasters with one goal in mind; produce great work. Over the years Cinemasters grew, changed, shrunk and grew again. One thing remained, Jake’s passion for solving clients problems by developing a deep understanding of their needs and crafting strategies, videos and messaging to serve those needs. We continue to partner with the best craftsmen and tradespeople in the business to execute effective video strategies that work to solve our clients marketing problems, and achieve their goals.
Content Types
Interview, Video, Motion Graphic, Animation, Corporate Video, Product Video, Explainer Video, Social Video, Narrative Video, General Video
More Information
Chapman University, BFA
Chandler, AZ, USA|English


MLP – Nigel Short

I traveled to London to direct this branded content endorsement video of aGrand Master Chess Champion. It was one of a series of seven endorsement videos I created for this campaign.

Product Video
Kylea Total Living Drink

This promotional product video was created using motion graphics and stock video.

Corporate Video
Intel Project Lead the Way

This corporate communications video was created for Intel in partnership with Anderson Elementary. It's was designed to recruit Intel Engineers to join a charitable initiative to bring STEM education to an underserved local school. I produced, directed and edited this video.

GovPilot – Code Enforcement

This motion graphics animated sales video was created to showcase the capabilities of a government automation platform. It was one of a series of videos created for this client.

Shred Workout Video

I produced, directed and developed this and three other fitness programs for this client. Working with host talent that I recruited, we created fifteen strength training and ancillary routines. I wrote each script and directed the videos from pitch through post.

Social Video
Quick and Ready Video Goes Viral

This viral video was created as part of a quick and ready set of videos added to an endorsement video shoot. This video is currently approaching 400,000 views.

February, 25 2016
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