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I want to thank you for reviewing my application and consideration me as a candidate for your incredibly successful, expanding company. I have extensive education in a variety of fields such as Biology, Chemistry, Medicine, Mechanical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering. I am a dedicated individual and hardworking and have keen attention to detail and very self-motivated. My determination, fortitude, strong work ethic combined with my ability to work as a team and autonomously, make me a good match for this position. Through my training as a physician, I understand the importance of leadership to motivate the morale of the team members to empower them to accomplish a specific goal. Equally as important, a leader must have the capacity to recognize the strengths of all team member and what they can individually contribute most to the project at hand to maximize the progress and success of the project. A leader not only manages the team but he or she also must be a role model that team members can look forward to as well as someone that they respect; without respect, the team will not operate efficiently and impede the organization’s mission. I am confident the skills I can contribute will be like those no other candidate will from my background. My experience while leading a team in clinicals while in medical school, my time spent overseas traveling to many countries in pursuit of my education, and my inherent desire to participate in a role that oriented towards making an impact with each person I meet.
I have worked with Autozone Commercial and my responsibilities included frequent correspondence with our leading clients to ensure an exceptional relationship was maintained with them as they were our most significant and most consistent commercial orders. I was apart of the commercial team that ensured their orders were prepared and delivered in a reasonable, timely manner. Several times a week there were sections in commercial I would have to take inventory to be sure that the next truck would allow us to restock what we recently sold. At the end of each shift I worked, I was solely responsible for adjusting invoices and scanning them into the computer database to confirm orders delivered and accounted for parts, cores, or damaged parts have been accounted for and reflected in the computer system.
I have been in sales with AutoZone as well as insurance claims with ICA USA Claims as an estimator. My responsibilities included traveling around the state to the location of the claim wherever that location may reside. I would document clients’ damaged vehicles and develop reports of the severity of damage. Also, I take the photos of the damaged and undamaged areas of the vehicle and send the photos along with the report back in to initiate the claims process.
I have spent an extensive amount of my education in the medical field where I have developed the skills necessary to connect, and genuinely help people with medical issues. I am mostly interested in assisting in all aspects of medical research or medical literature.
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Midwestern State University, Pre-medicine- Biology/Chemistry B.S.
Wichita Falls, TX, USA|English

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