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Having a nice looking website and blog with a great reader feel is quite easy. The real work comes in with having the right converting content for your audience.

Do you need to create content that markets well? Content that reaches your target audience? Or do you need content that will help your audience to understand your brand and grow interest in it? I am that brilliant content writer with over 2 years experience who will help you achieve exactly that.

I love the fact that I am different from other writers on this platform because I am passionate about writing in different styles, tones, and voices. I have experience in SEO optimization and therefore your presence on web searches is well taken care of.

All my writings are 100% original and unique. I make sure that there are no typos or grammar mistakes before delivering work to you. With that said no extra cost will be incurred to hire editors and proofreaders.

I am always available and open to offers/invites to discuss your project idea and offer a fast turnaround on any work.

Please have a look at my portfolio and feel free to contact me.
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University of Nairobi, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), English and Literature
Nakuru, Kenya|English

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