James Lopez

Content Strategist, Writer

Don't hire someone to just write, hire someone to assist in engaging your audience.

You as a business have created a fantastic tool, service, or product that has become the go-to solution for your customer's problems.
You have passion, you have the drive, but when you talk to customers they don't respond and don't care.

That can be a super bummer as you feel all your passion has been for naught.

But that is not the case, it's simply just not understanding HOW to connect with your audience.

That is where a copywriter with years of experience in audience engagement, persona development, and business profiling comes in handy.

I can help you understand who your audience is, what they see as the problem you solve and assist them to understand, in their terms, what you do. Let’s build a solid communication plan for your business.
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Article, Website Copy, Blog Post
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Colorado State University, Bachelors Political Science
Colorado State University, Bachelors Social Science
New York, IA USA|English



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