James Pratt

Adventure writer and photographer

Some people call me a photographer. Others call me a writer. My mom calls me “Jamie”. I prefer James.

I like to think of myself as a storyteller. I use a variety of tools to tell those stories – in writing, with pictures and with video and audio. I love traveling, meeting unusual people, learning about their stories, and then telling their story with the skills I have learned over the past 20 or so years. I have published stories ranging from a 7 year old with cancer who just wanted to ride motorcycles with his dad, to in-depth stories about why canola farming has expanded into a major cash crop for farmers. As you look at my web site you will see dozens of stories I have told over the years. Some I do myself, others I work in collaboration with writers and other creative people. I am by nature somewhat of an introvert, but my camera, notebook, and cell phone give me the tools necessary to get out and meet people, ask questions, seek insight, and tell their stories.

My favorite work is as an editorial photographer in Oklahoma and surrounding states. I like to work with magazines and newspapers to capture unique environmental portraits of real people in their natural surroundings.

As a commercial photographer in central Oklahoma, I enjoy helping companies with their branding through photography. Unique, authentic photos are important to many industrial and commercial clients and I enjoy collaborating with clients to develop imagery that promotes their brand.

If you need someone to tell your story, give me a shout.
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