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My name is James Young- a 43-year old Canadian male who has taught abroad for the past twenty years. I have a Master’s degree in Business Administration (specialty in Human Resource Management) and have been a teacher since I was 22 years old- in Canada, South Korea, the Philippines, Guatemala, and Kazakhstan.

I am currently a university teaching writing, international economics and international trade courses. As a result of my extensive teaching experience, I am able to convey complex topics in a manner that readers can effectively understand.

Please visit my website www.proenglishwriters.com for more information.
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Blog Post
Health Benefits of Dandelions

This article details the benefits of dandelions on human health and promotes products for the realization of these benefits.

October, 19 2018
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The Health Benefits of Maca

This article details the health benefits of maca and products that help in the realization of these benefits.

October, 19 2018
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Health Concerns Regarding Magnesium Deficiency

This article details magnesium deficiency and provides valuable information regarding products that can address this problem.

October, 19 2018
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What Are Omega-3 And Omega-6 Fatty Acids?

Piece that discusses the importance of essential fatty acids on human health.

October, 19 2018
Korean Auto Insurance Industry Losing Money

A short article published in the Korea Times in support of the introduction of the pay-at-the-pump insurance system.

October, 3 2009
Blog Post
5 Benefits to Outsourcing Writing Services

A sample 1000-word post using the keyword 'outsourcing writing services.'

September, 6 2018
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