James Hudson

There is no such thing as writer's block. A true writer sees the block as subject matter or just a street that he or she lives on.

I am from Boston, MA and was raised in Germantown, MD. Music is everything to me. Being from the East Coast, I am a little biased in terms of what type of music I truly enjoy. I grew up on Hip Hop and R&B. In 1996, I heard the Wu-Tang Clan on the radio and was immediately hooked. My mom had shown me The Temptations, Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill already. So, once I heard the greatness that is Hip Hop I knew I was meant to be part of that culture somehow.

The funny thing is, a lot of people would think that my favorite genre of music is Hip-Hop/Rap or R&B but the truth is this. My two favorite genres of music are Reggae and House. Try to be upset listening to either genre of music. No matter the oppression found in Reggae or the drum kits found in House, you can always be happy when you hear one of the two.

Film is very important to me as well. I always thought that the ability to encapsulate oneself in a different world just by watching a movie was magical. Movies are relatable to real life but when does art portray reality and reality portray art? Realistically, it's when movies grab an audience tightly and don't let them go until they leave the theater. Some movies stick with us, some don't. But no matter the movie, it's amazing to see an actor or an actress truly become someone they are not in real life.

I struggle with just being myself on a daily basis so I have a high respect for the arts. Another major aspect of my life is staying in shape through a number of hobbies and sports. I enjoy running; bicycling; lifting; playing soccer, football and basketball. Therefore I am a huge fan of sports on television or obviously in person.
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