Janeka Simon

Wordsmith, Social Media Community Manager, Rambler.

Jany has spent the majority of her life exploring how best to use her innate talents while maintaining her lifelong pursuit of education. Her early love of reading has been buttressed by an academic foundation in mathematics and computer science, coupled with flexibility and strength awarded from her yoga practice.

In addition, her working life in various corporate marketing roles and her entrepreneurial endeavors has kept her grounded in the dynamics of today's consumer and business world. Her intellectual curiosity also afforded her an opportunity to venture into journalism, sparking a love for working both in front of, and behind the camera.

Currently, she provides Creative, Communications, and Commercial Development directorship for her professional services startup, as well as being engaged in communications as a freelance writer. She still holds a dream to travel the world teaching yoga. In the interim, she enhances the online experience of others with her insights and writing. Follow her on Facebook (janeka.simon), or as @saleaholic on Twitter and Instagram.
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