Janet Bowen

Content Strategist, Writer, Managing Editor

ROI driven talented instructional designer.

Janet Bowen is an Instructional Designer/Project Manager who works with a diverse clientele to provide transferable training to employees, management, customers, and other stakeholders. She does so in a manner that provides a good return on the investment made. She thoroughly analyzes the need, taking into consideration the business outcome requirement and the learners who will partake in the training needs. Janet provides a report detailing the best solution to the situation, including motivation gaps, as well as training needs.
Janet strongly believes that the “aha” moment is the best thing to experience in the training world. If she can reach one person and make sure they have truly understood the training and how it relates to their job and related tasks, she has created a successful training opportunity. The reward of seeing participants in her training walking away confident in their ability to take the training and apply it to their everyday tasks for her is tremendous. It is what keeps her going.
Janet has supported several global organizations, creating training that is outside the box. She created trainings that can span the globe, while limiting the cost associated with travel, time off, and training fees. Through a unique solution she crafted a training solution whose cost was limited to the cost of the trainer traveling to conference rooms already owned and operated by the organization. With only the trainer traveling between the two conference rooms, the time off required by the participants was limited to local travel accomplished during work hours, allowing the participants to still work and be present at a training that involved participants on two continents interacting with each other and the trainer.
Janet is a Moodle certified Instructional Designer with Project Management certification through her degrees in education, educational technology, and instructional design. She continues to enhance her understanding of her field through independent study, including her certification in gamification from the Wharton School University.
Janet holds a Master degree in Educational Technology from American Intercontinental University, and in Instructional Design from Capella University. The Capella University is part of the Doctorate program which she holds an All but Doctorate. Her goal is to finish the doctorate.
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