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Words are easy. Making them mean something is a great achievement.

I wasn't always a writer, in fact, I was anything but a writer at one point in my life. After experiencing the need for change, I tripped into the world of writing and soon began creating new content.
In the past five or so years I have created numerous pieces of work and published a few of my own. My most recent achievement was publishing my first novel which was a bucket list goal of my own, and I did it!

I love to write, and I thoroughly enjoy impacting others through words and emotions. As a writer, it is simply my job to encourage a reader to open their hearts and minds to the words they read. What happens next...is pure magic.

Non-Fiction Publications are:
A Life of Heart: Unlocking Your True Potential
If You Can deal With Parking, You Can Deal With Anything (Co-written)
Renewed: Coming To Truth
Wolves In Sheepskin
Relationships Under Construction: A 14-Day Journey Into Your Relationship

Fiction Publications are:
Seven Threads: A Book of Short Stories (Each story is unique but they all share the same underlying theme of human kindness and compassion)
Fate: A book of short stories that are all unique but they do share the same underlying theme of danger and action. PLaying on the concept that our choices can take us down very different paths if we don't choose wisely.
-19: This is my first novel and most exciting release for me. This book was written pre-COVID but has been published during the crisis. This story follows a small group as they try to survive in a city that has lost its way in the midst of tragedy.
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