Jason Lee

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Writer

Delivering Content that Inspires Action

✔️ Unique and engaging content? Check.
✔️ Goal-driven approach to maximize your team's success? Check.
✔️ A professional and stress-free working relationship? You betcha.

Featured on MSN, USA Today, Motley Fool, Time, GearMoose, NASDAQ, Value Penguin, Beanstox, The Simple Dollar, Interest.com, Healthy Framework, Net Health, ShareWise, Zoosk, Reviews.com, and more

With over 2+ million words of copy written for happy clients, I fully understand the unique and challenging demands businesses, corporations, and start-ups face on a daily basis. Whether you're in need of unique and engaging blog or marketing content or looking to rebuild any aspect of your digital presence, emphasis must not only be placed on good content but it must be placed on effective content that achieves your desired goal.

My wide range of skills affords your team the ability to accomplish all of this and more in a one-stop-shop environment. If I'm writing content for you and your team, I always ask what your goal is first so I can best utilize my experience to help shape the content to achieve that goal.

Allow me to help your team meet and exceed their goals in a prompt, professional, and stress-free way.

➡️ Why I'm the Right Fit
- Able to handle large or small content workloads efficiently to meet your deadlines
- Multiple writing tones (Conversational, professional, technical, funny)
- Conversion content expert (Words that drive sales, leads, and conversions)
- On-Page SEO wizard (Google and I went to college together)
- Officer in the United States Army (I understand the importance of accuracy, commitment, and reliability)
- Current business owner
Content Types
Product Description, Landing Page, Whitepaper, Website Copy, Blog Post, Ad/Promotional Copy
More Information
University of Florida, Bachelors of Science in Business Management
Las Vegas, NV, USA|English

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