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Tech writer- My writing will bring you more site visitors and conversions

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My name is Jay. I’m a tech writer.

I work with B2B brands to create awesome content that lands them the top spots in Google--and their customer's mind.

I can provide you with:

✓ Blog Posts
Stimulating blog posts and other content types to raise brand awareness and position your brand in front of the target buyers.

✓ eBooks
Potent eBooks and sales copy to help you close more deals.

✓ White Papers
Thought-provoking white papers to raise your expert status and generate new leads.

✓ And much more.

Why hire me

You know your content needs to be sharp, fresh, and dripping with quality. Content that’s value-rich builds trust, authority and keeps your readers coming back to find the solutions they need.

Brands like you choose me because:

✓ I understand B2B writing and their content objectives
✓ I understand search engine optimization and how to make content rank high.
✓ I pay attention to detail and my writing is always well researched, full of data points and linked to interesting resources.
✓ They don’t have to constantly track my progress or do extensive editing on my work.
✓ I deliver quality content on time, every time. No missed deadlines or delays.

Clients I've Worked With

I have written copy for several SaaS, blockchain, tech and markets companies; from the leading brands to new startups.

Content Types
Article, Blog Post, Buyers Guide, Ebook, Whitepaper, Website Copy, Product Description, Case Study, Landing Page
More Information
., B.A (Information Technology)
., Dip (Copywriting)

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