Jean Campbell

Copywriter, Editor, Technical Writer

mercenary writing with a heart of gold

I worked for eight years in academia as a researcher and writer, five years as a high school and college teacher, and another eight years in the field of disability. I have written newspaper articles, blog content, mill content, narrative pieces, grants and scholarly publications over the past twenty years. I live in Tucson, AZ with a husband, four dogs, one cat, and an ant colony. I practice disc golf and aging.
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St John's College, Mathematics and Philosophy BA
University of Arizona, MPA
University of Arizona, M.Ed.
Tucson, AZ, USA|English

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First author of academic article in the field of tobacco control. Like all peer-reviewed scholarly work, multiple authors contributed.
Hoover Dam to Willow Beach

Short piece of personal narrative with photos about Black Canyon kayak trip below Hoover Dam.

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