Jean-Philippe Serbera


Experienced writer in the field of stock market and real estate investment

Former proprietary trader in London, I have a PhD in economics and a Msc in finance. I have published several research articles and presented in conferences. My research is double (economics/financial markets) with studies on the role of capital structure in market competition on the economics side. New technologies applied (HFT, Blockchain) to the financial markets on the finance side.
After graduation, I joined London's most competitive proprietary trading arcade (Futex) where I was trained in future trading and financially backed for live trading. Today, I teach finance at Sheffield Hallam University and specialise in banking and financial markets education. In addition, I manage a portfolio of shares and properties in order to obtain my financial independence. Moreover, I actively trade American options (mostly spread positions).
I currently am a writer for the and
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Toulouse School of Economics, Msc Finance
University of Montpellier, PhD Economics
Sheffield, UK|English, French

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