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Writer. Editor. Photographer. Social media ninja.

I have spent 20 years in journalism, stringing words together for The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Vice, Good Housekeeping and more.
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October, 13 2017
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September, 14 2018
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June, 28 2018
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October, 18 2018
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March, 11 2018
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April, 3 2018
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March, 17 2018
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March, 3 2018
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September, 20 2018
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What Are French Doors—and Are They Even Really French?
October, 24 2018
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November, 9 2018
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June, 22 2018
Liver Disease Symptoms Can’t Be Ignored: But Do You Know Who’s At Risk?
January, 29 2018
Why Human Papillomavirus Is The STI That’s So Hard To Avoid
May, 8 2018
Is Your Mind Cluttered? Here's How To Tell And What to Do
December, 29 2017
Here’s How To Choose Between An OB And A Midwife
March, 10 2018
How To Give Your Kids Self-Esteem For A Lifetime
February, 21 2018
How Pressure Points For Migraines Can Help Us Find Relief
June, 11 2018
The Signs Of Miscarriage Women May (Or May Not) Notice
May, 29 2018
Exercise For Kids Even Moms Will Love
May, 27 2018
I Bought a Home Next to a Cemetery, and You Won't Believe What It's Like
February, 6 2018
Everything They Don’t Tell You About Pregnancy
April, 25 2018
What To Do (And What To Avoid) When Baby Gets Sick
February, 10 2018
How To Get Better Sleep After 40
October, 26 2017
Setting Boundaries With Your Partner, Friends, And Family Will Change Your Life
June, 13 2018
Do You Have Postpartum Depression? Here’s What To Watch Out For
March, 15 2018
Is Your Mind Cluttered? Here's How To Tell And What to Do
December, 29 2017
Could A Yeast Infection Be An Early Sign Of This Common Disease?
November, 7 2017
There shouldn't be an age limit for trick-or-treating
October, 24 2017
Parents, don’t write that college essay. (Here’s how to help instead.)
October, 12 2017
Kids need smartphones. Get over it.
August, 29 2017
My Daughter Became Our Family's Guardian Angel
August, 24 2017
How to Build a Fallout Shelter in Your Home (on a Budget, to Boot)
August, 16 2017
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