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Hi, I am Jeff Syblik. I'm your next content writer and copywriter. Recently, my work has been published on-line on the Elephant Journal, Linked-In, Freelancer FAQs, and Medium platforms. This exposure has led me to believe one essential truth. In media today, the best marketing strategy for your company is teaching. Whatever your business, it has a unique ability to connect in this way with its customers. The way of the internet is the problem-solution writing structure.

As a former teacher and reading specialist, with the state of Texas, I have expertise in this structure. I can put these keywords to work for you. This will get potential customers to read your content and act on it. Using this technique along with technology, together, we will rediscover the personal side of your company.

I also have knowledge of the second key to an effective internet marketing strategy. I am eager to work with you and setting up your company’s marketing strategy.

Equally, I want to share my expertise with you, so you can continue to grow in these uncertain times. In unity, we can tackle any media challenge that arises in your business plan.

For your next project, choose Media delivered with impact!

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