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Corporate Storyteller with a proven track record of success in business, marketing, IT & entrepreneurship

Have you promised yourself that 2019 is the breakout year for your new content marketing strategy? I can help! After a decade of business management experience within corporate IT as well as my own startups, I'm happy to discuss your content writing needs and how to take things to the next level this year. Blogs, articles, whitepapers, web copy. I can do it all! Everything starts by building a level of trust and transparency about what your business goals are and where you want to end up.

My background includes a decade of IT experience in project management, entrepreneurship, and business development. During that time, I have supervised numerous technology projects, including research assessments, workflow planning, and website & mobile design and testing.

I also hold multiple master’s degrees, including an Ed.M. from Columbia University. I leverage this broad and interdisciplinary background to drive innovation and empower busy executives in today’s digital world.

My professional strengths are clear and transparent communications, professional expertise, and ethical and honest dealings, always following the Golden Rule.

Would love to hear from you!
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Teacher's College, Columbia University, Ed.M.
Andrews University, M.A.
Seattle, WA, USA|English

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How the Internet of Things Is Changing the DevOps Landscape.pdf

Ten years ago, the first iPhone disrupted the mobile industry. Since then, mobile tech, cloud computing and big data have exploded onto the scene. Now we've reached another turning point with the Internet of Things (IoT). With billions of hardware devices going online, business leaders have no choice but to build, test and deploy software applications at the speed of the market in order to stay competitive. To succeed in today's fast-paced digital environment, you must adopt best practices from DevOps to build containerized solutions across multiple platforms, operating systems and devices.

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Internet of Things How It Will Transform the Future of Your Business!

In this eBook we’ll lay out some points about the background and context of the emerging Internet of Things industry: what it is, why it matters, and how your business can (and must!) get started on the path of leveraging this epic new technological shift.

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Thinking Outside the Box - Swarm, Kubernetes & the Battle for Containerization.pdf

Many people assume that if something is "open-source" it automatically precludes the typical conflicts that arise over proprietary licensure. After all, open source (in the context of software) denotes that it is publicly accessible for developers to freely modify and share. However, the recent controversy over Docker's implementation of Swarm (an approach to native clustering that turns a pool of Docker hosts into a single, virtual Docker host) has raised questions about the future of containerization.
How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Sales Prospecting

The first step to successful LinkedIn branding and marketing is to think of your profile as your digital sales page. Don’t look at LinkedIn as just an online resume. It’s so much more! Your LinkedIn profile is your digital signature, your brand, and your key to success in today’s competitive business market.
5 Docker Logging Best Practices

Containers offer a scalable way to run software when moving between environments. Docker is the most well-known infrastructure; read about best practices here.

May, 17 2017
Robotics Integrators Ride Wave of Global Innovation, Automation

Robotics integrators provide customized services to help businesses prepare for, set up, and maintain their industrial automation. More sophisticated programming and easier to use cobots aren’t a threat to integrators but rather part of a widening market opportunity.

May, 3 2017
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