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- Results-oriented and dynamic content writer proficient in investigating, drafting and creating diverse material.
- Knowledgeable about social media techniques and search engine optimization strategies with a satisfactory experience in generating high-volume, top-tier work.
- Innovative and well-versed in social media and advertising technology, methods and resources.
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Three Types of Income and Why You Need Them All

Did you know that according to statistics, millionaires have an average of seven income streams? By structure, entrepreneurs and businesspeople go a long way to ensure they have funds pouring in from all areas. They make sure that all their eggs are not in one basket.

September 25th, 2019
Blog Post
5 Tips on Social Media Self Care: Unplugged

We are more educated than we have ever been, but we’re also more depressed, less confident, and addicted to the 24/7 media flow. The internet is an avenue for us to connect, a space to exchange thoughts, and a forum for creative individuals and businesses to discuss their enterprise. But how should we handle our social media efficiently while being innovative and healthy? Well, I have some tips for you.
Blog Post
Pain and Power: Why Does Rejection Hurt So Much?

It ultimately makes us feel awful more than we expect. Rejection recognizes no limitations; it invades personal, emotional, and career settings alike. It feels terrible because it makes us feel unworthy; that we’re not appreciated or loved.
Blog Post
10 Gift Ideas for People with Anxiety

Anxiety manifests differently for every individual, so everyone has their way of handling it. When someone you love has anxiety, it’s reasonable to want to give them something to let them know you love them. Thankfully, there are several items you could give them that could help them relax.
Blog Post
Fight Procrastination: The No-Zero Days Technique

I understand it’s difficult to be incredibly motivated every single day. Even more so, if you began with high ambitions this year, you could be disheartened if you aren’t able to sustain them after a few tries. However, rather than stopping, try the “no zero days” concept.
Blog Post
10 Selfcare Apps You Need to Download Now

With 2020 looming on the horizon, self-care may, and rightly so, be one goal you have towards the New Year. However, you can’t always go for a workout or a chance to see a psychologist. That’s when technology comes in: self-care applications can help you feel better.

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