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Since 1999, Jenn Greenleaf has written 1,000's of articles for the web, as well as many in print. In 2008 she added "teaching artist" to her list of accolades.

She currently specializes in ghostwriting blog posts and articles for law firms, dentists, universities, interior decorators, tech companies, human resource agencies, and real estate agencies.

In the past, she has written articles for magazines and other outlets including The Writer, Writer Gazette, Do! Magazine, the Washington Post, and NBC News.
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Article, Blog Post, Case Study, Checklist, Ebook, Guide, Product Description, Website Copy, Whitepaper
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University of Maryland University College, BA English
Boothbay, ME, USA|English

Ghostwriting and Bylined Work

Blog Post
5 Ways To Build Relationships In Business

Building relationships in business is integral for success for many reasons. In this ghostwritten blog post, I discuss five ways to achieve this goal.

August, 3 2018
Blog Post
How First Impressions Can Make or Break Your Social Media Campaign

Digital marketing is all about first impressions. Are you certain you're making a good one with your social media platform? In this ghostwritten blog post, I talk about how these first impressions can make or break your social media campaign.

November, 8 2018
Blog Post
The Benefits Of Corporate Team Bonding Exercises

Are you searching for ways to help your staff grow together as a team? In this ghostwritten blog post, I explain the benefits of corporate team bonding.

August, 11 2018
The Top Marketing Tools You Should Be Using in 2018
July, 31 2018
Blog Post
Easy Ways to Build Your Online Portfolio

Do you know how to build an online portfolio? In this ghostwritten blog post, I explain easy ways to build one to land that next job.

October, 4 2018
Blog Post
4 Benefits When Using Content Communities for Digital Marketing

Are you using digital marketing strategies to their fullest potential? In this ghostwritten blog post, I discuss how content communities are beneficial in four different ways.

August, 27 2018
Crossbow Weed Killer

Article on about Crossbow Weed Killer.
Website Copy
Social Addiction: Is Social Networking Negatively Influencing Relationships?

News article for focusing on social addiction and if social networking is having a negative influence on relationships.

November, 20 2012
Are Prescription Drugs Safe?

This article discusses the safety of prescription drugs and when red flags should be raised.

August, 14 2018
Website Copy
New Picture Sharing Start-Up Favery Rivals Pinterest

News article for focusing on if would rival

November, 12 2012
How Hair Loss Affects Your Self-Esteem

This article talks about how, when people lose their hair, it could potentially have an impact on their self-esteem.

September, 4 2018
12 Products That Prove the Dead Sea is The Fountain of Youth

Article outlining twelve products that contain ingredients from the dead sea that prove beneficial for skincare.

April, 12 2017
Blog Post
How Furthering Education Grows Real Estate Careers

Ghostwritten blog post for focusing on the importance of furthering your education to grow your real estate career.

April, 1 2018
A Basic Guide to Mobile Homes

Article featuring a basic guide to mobile homes.
Everything Expecting Mothers Need to Know About HCG

This ghostwritten article features content focusing on everything a woman needs to know about HCG, human chorionic gonadotropin.

August, 28 2018
Blog Post
How to File and Enforce a Mechanics Lien California

A blog post written for a law firm focusing on how to file and enforce a mechanic's lien in the state of California.

August, 29 2018
Blog Post
Preliminary Notice 101

A blog post outlining the laws regarding giving a preliminary notice.

September, 7 2018
7 Simple Ways to Make Your House or Apartment Feel Homier
August, 10 2018
Blog Post
4 Steps to Finding the Right Rehab Center

Blog post featuring four steps for finding the right rehabilitation center for those suffering from substance abuse.

August, 13 2018
New Manufactured Homes: Budget Considerations

Article for focusing on the importance of budgeting for your new manufactured home.

April, 17 2013
Blog Post
5 Tips for Finding Moving Services

Blog post featuring five tips for finding the best moving services.

July, 21 2018
The Eight Dimensions of Wellness

This article discusses the eight dimensions of wellness those who are suffering from substance abuse should place their focus.

September, 22 2018
Folded Fabric Centerpiece Patterns

Article for Lovetoknow about how the ideal ways to create folded centerpiece patterns using cloth napkins.
Website Copy
Hair Loss

This website copy focuses on how women cope with hair loss during menopause, statistics, and possible solutions.

October, 11 2018
Website Copy
Blocks For Toddler Buying Guide 2018

Web copy featuring a buying guide about the best blocks for toddlers in 2018.

July, 18 2018
Website Copy
Severe PMS

Website copy detailing information regarding what women who are experiencing severe PMS may be undergoing.
How to Maintain a Healthy Scalp

This article focuses on how drinking water daily will help maintain a healthy scalp.

August, 21 2018
Website Copy
Menopause Symptoms – Weight Gain

Website copy outlining the symptoms of menopause, specifically weight gain.
Back to School Tips for Parents 2018

Article featuring back to school parents can use for 2018.

August, 23 2018
Morphine: What You Need To Know

This article discusses what individuals need to know about morphine, what it is, why it's given to patients, how it's used, potential side effects, long-term side effects, warnings, and signs of abuse.

September, 3 2018

Ghostwritten Articles: Health Related

PDF upload
8 Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy

This article focuses on eight ways people can work toward keeping their brain healthy.

August, 21 2018
PDF upload
Top 10 Ab Exercises You Haven't Done Yet

This article describes ten abdominal exercises men and women can do to achieve a stronger core.

August, 17 2018
PDF upload
Adding Nuts to Your Diet May Improve Sperm Quality

An article focusing on how, when men add nuts to their diet, it could potentially improve their sperm counts according to research.

October, 10 2018
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