Jennee Rasavong

Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Writer

I help businesses make their content campaigns as resonant, effective and meaningful as possible.

By day, I'm a marketing communications specialist at a medical device company and by night, I'm a freelance writer who loves helping businesses create engaging, effective content. I've been honing my writing and editing skills since 2012, which means my copy is consistently clean, concise and on time.
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Article, Infographic Copy, Presentation, Landing Page, Social Copy, Website Copy, Blog Post
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London, ON, Canada|English

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Blog Post
What You Need to Know About Micro-Influencer Marketing

Ever wondered what a micro-influencer is? This post breaks it down for you, as well as the benefits of working them for your marketing strategy.

August, 9 2017
Blog Post
Use the Comparison Trap to Help You Build a Better Biz. Here’s How.

Everyone falls into the comparison trap at one point or another - here's how you can actually use it to better your professional self.

November, 22 2016
How to Fit Learning Into Every Day as a Solopreneur

Learning is essential when embarking on the road to entrepreneurship but time is also a commodity. Here are some tips are on how to incorporate learning into your every day routine.

October, 3 2016
Blog Post
Why We Should Stop Using Smartphone in Bed

It's time to get some rest, and give your smartphone a rest too. A reminder why using your phone in bed isn't the best thing.

February, 16 2016
Blog Post
The Non-Writers Guide for Finding a B2B Copywriter

Finding a B2B copywriter can be hard. This post breaks it down so even a non-writer can find someone good.

January, 5 2018
Blog Post
Should You Outsource Content Marketing? 5 Signs That Point to Yes

If you're wondering whether you're ready to hire that marketing head, here are some surefire signs that point to YES.

January, 8 2018
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