Jennifer Catron

Content Strategist, Graphic Designer, Photographer

Social Media Entertainment and Management

I have over 20 years in business management. I have owned three Childcare Centers for 10 years, been a head designer as a florist for 10 years, worked at Walmart as a support Manager for 6 years, been a website and social media administrator for and entertainment print and web publishing magazine and they also had a music artist website that I helped set up and run. I have a lot of experience in a lot of fields. I am proficient in Microsoft word, excel, quick books, setting up childcare facilities, getting your business built up through social media... I am a great designer and decorator... I am great at setting up and implementing new strategies into your business to make things run smother.... planning events....

I can help you make your business more proficient and profitable... Even if you think your business is running smoothly, there are things that owners and managers tend to over look.... things that could be costing you money and nobody realizes these things or knows what to look for..

I have worked in multiple fields of work, it don't matter what kind of business you do, or have... Wouldn't you like for someone that has no judgments to take a look at your imperfections and be able to give you some ideas without judgments?... We have all been in a situation where we have an employee complain about something and you think, it's them with the problem... Then later on we wonder if there really is was something wrong with your business.... Now's your chance to know.....

Have you ever needed an Ad done real quick because the advertising company wants to charge you too much... Or maybe you have multiple advertisers and want the same Ad ran in each publication... I can help you come up with ideas and create your own Ad that you own and send to them... Ever been frustrated with the Ad they made and you can't change it or they wont let you change it.... I can work with you one on one to make sure it is the Ad you like... you are the business after all, don't you want your opinion as to what your ad is saying to the public.....

Do you ever get frustrated with Social Media and just don't want too, or have the time to take care of it.... I can keep tract, help build yours customer base, help bring customers to your website and business, help make sure everyone knows who you are.... I took a business that had been open for 10 years, had 100 people a month look at the website and only had 1500 likes on Facebook.... Within a year I was able to bring them up to over 10,000 likes on social media and over 10,000 views on their website daily, and they implemented this to help them get investors and build their business to a massive Free Print Publication.....

Do you keep getting write ups at the daycare, complaining parents, can't keep workers, cant make money or you just want to plain make more money in the childcare business... I know what it's like to need new equipment, to own a business and never have any money left at the end of the week... let me show you some strategies I did....Ii was able to advance to owning 3 facilities, with over 70,000 in the bank qt the end of the year...

Business owners don't realize the money they are wasting everyday.... even if your business is successful..... wouldn't you like to make money for once..... Let me help you
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