Jennifer Duplantier

Editor, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Writer

The details don't pay attention to themselves, so I do the work for them.

I have loved words and language all of my life. As a child, my grand father gave me a big binder full of pages on English Grammar. I have a gift for writing and speaking english. It comes naturally, almost as if it was running through my veins.

My mother is always writing books and presentations and I assist her in her writings. I do so by editing, typing, and printing her books. She is so proud of my work. I always pay attention to details, and I work tediously making sure everything looks excellent.

I was always the smart kid. I graduated from highschool. I went to Regis University in Denver. I received a dental assistant certificate.

I enjoy writing and reading. I am so blessed to work in the field I love. America is the land of opportunity.
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