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I have been writing professional for 20 years and specialize in B2B Technology, including artificial intelligence, data analytics, cybersecurity, blockchain, mobile, virtualized networking and cloud computing. I also write about hospitality technology, healthcare technology, marketing technology and ecommerce technology. My technology clients include IBM, Samsung, Verizon, AT&T, Adobe, HPE and Salesforce. Additionally, I have experience writing about insurance/finance and have written for national brands including Fidelity, Ameriprise, Allstate and State Farm Mutual.
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April, 12 2016
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April, 17 2017
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May, 3 2016
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March, 18 2016
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December, 8 2016
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December, 12 2016
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April, 6 2016
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November, 12 2015
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March, 30 2016
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March, 27 2017
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September, 26 2016
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May, 10 2016
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November, 15 2016
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January, 7 2016
Hospitality Technology Creates an Innovative Atmosphere for Business Travelers [CASE STUDY]
October, 23 2015
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March, 15 2016
Predictive Modeling: Taking Customer Service to the Next Level
March, 28 2016
5 ways wearable devices benefit healthcare providers and patients
November, 16 2016
Cognitive finance: Key insights from Sibos 2016
September, 28 2016
Robot Customer Service: A New Trend in Hotel Automation?
April, 11 2016
How healthcare innovations can help keep prescription drug information confidential
December, 21 2016
Top ransomware solutions to protect your business against an attack
November, 25 2016
Using mobile programming to take enterprise apps to the next level
March, 9 2016
5 Data Organization Tips for National Clean Up Your Computer Month
January, 22 2018
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October, 31 2017
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October, 20 2017
4 Cybersecurity Training Tactics that Actually Stick
October, 17 2017
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November, 11 2016
VR innovation in retail offers both purpose and pitfalls
December, 20 2016
Business mobility drives need for chief marketing technologists
May, 11 2016
3 Cloud Security Password Tips for Your Business
October, 17 2017
How to Upgrade Your Inventory Tracking Tech
September, 25 2017
How Cloud Integration Can Streamline Your Business Operations
August, 25 2017
3 eco-friendly analytics solutions for freight companies
May, 19 2016
Value-based care: How IoT technology can improve patient outcomes
December, 7 2016
Competition in the banking industry comes from an unexpected source
March, 28 2017
Improving patient care quality: 3 ways health organizations use predictive analytics
May, 12 2016
Big data in healthcare: The secret to calculating total cost of care
May, 3 2016
Airlines can increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiency with big data
April, 28 2016
Patient health monitoring: Improving quality of care with real-time analytics
April, 26 2016
3 ways data analytics can reduce total healthcare costs
March, 17 2016
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