Jennifer Taylor

A business and sales pro who happens to be a talented writer

An entrepreneur with a savvy business sense and a passion for effective writing, Jena hails from Iowa where the work ethic is strong. Twenty five years in Colorado hasn't changed that work ethic but it has fostered her expertise.
Fully equipped to write for any market, Jena’s versatility is unmatched. Serving high-tech and low-tech clients for 25 years, Jena quickly adapts to the client’s needs to produce effective communications or strategic solutions.

With expertise in branding, strategy, art direction, and content creation, Jena is well-versed to handle more than “just writing” and approaches all assignments with this mindset. An early adopter of emerging technologies, Jena was a pioneer in writing email autoresponders for a large marketing company before autoresponders were commonplace as well as integrating social media into her own and her clients’ marketing plans early.

Jena has a high-technical aptitude which enables her to grasp high-tech topics and translate them into easy-to-understand concepts for non-technical audiences with ease and clarity. As National Marketing Examiner for, Jena shared marketing insights with readers throughout the world on marketing trends and analysis of marketing campaigns to share insights on good marketing with marketers and entertaining readers.

Jena is the author of “The History of Eagle County Airport” and has several forthcoming non-fiction (information) books, including “How-to Divorce with Grace”, “Living after Death”, “Devotions for Teens”, “True Tinder Tales”, and more.

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