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Carpe diem and a triple bow-wow!!!

I got my Phd. from The School of Hard Knocks, finally, just last year, and fear I will not be able to payoff the massive student loans! I'm 67 and I do not wish to work quite so hard. I started my life, primarily, in Oregon, did high school/boarding school in South Dakota and that was just the beginning of a life that has led me around the world. I have been a resident in thirteen United States, as well as Egypt, Colombia, Guatemala, & frosted with three plus years enjoying all the Caribbean Islands having crewed on a luxury charter sailboat and opening a restaurant in St. Thomas. My career path evolved, ultimately into becoming a certified executive chef at venues all over the world. I have fed five presidents, Lady Di and the other guy, as well as hundreds of celebrities and wannabees. An injury forced me to change careers and I found great success in the financial arena. I worked at banks, became a stockbroker, started my own estate planning firm and later went after venture capital, which became my professional and personal demise. I landed in jail, as did our entire company of fifty-four, it alleged that the president of the firm and a host of attorneys turned nineteen million dollars I had raised into a "vapor trail". I was charged with six felony counts including racketeering, complete seizure of all my assets except my "homestead" home. My wife and daughter left me as did two plus million from my bank and brokerage accounts, I sincerely attempted suicide and failed. I was flat broke, finally got a job at Home Depot in the garden department, where it seemed my willingness to solve gardening/landscaping issues, evolved into me starting a successful landscaping business. After a few years of manual labor, I applied for a chef job once again, worked at a boring Hilton, responded to a cruise ship job fair ad, was hired immediately and became a merchant marine for ten years, five years on a cruise ship and five on a "work boat" that went wherever in the world the client wanted to go. As you can see, I have had a few altitude, and attitude adjustments in my life. I most recently finished five years at a historic lodge here in Florida and would still be there but I got knocked down for about two years with Castleman's Disease (two out of three survive), and now I am gaining strength to consider my options to generate supplemental income. I have just begun, again, to write a book about my uniquely diverse life, and am confidently committed to finishing the task. I am well aware my last name is not Steinbeck or Hemingway, it's just that for the past fifty years, almost every single person I have met said "you need to write a book". I hope to be finished with the book project by year end 2020. I know I have far exceeded the "brief bio" this space is intended for and can only say brevity was considered and churning, but far too lame to shut me down, I am brand new today with Clear Vision and look forward to reading your perspectives, I love to read and now, even more!
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Harvard, Evergreen State, & Phoenix University, Business Administration/Hotel Mgmt.
Harvard University, Master Mixologist (no joke, they had a professional bartending school there in the 70's and our class graduated the same day as the law school}.
American Culinary Federation , Certified Executive Chef (CEC)
American Whitewater School (ARTA), Professional Whitewater River Guide
Proyecto Linguistico Francisco Marroquin (Antigua, Guatemala, CA), Total Immersion Spanish
Old Town, FL USA|English

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