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Published author and single father. I am a Jack of all trades. I have held jobs in several fields and had countless experiences in a short amount of time. Some wonderful and some I wish I could forget. All this though has driven my passion for the written word and storytelling. I grew up in a family of Songwriters, Authors, English Teachers, and Civil Servants. They taught me to be hardworking, dedicated, and they were insistent on making sure my grammar was spot on. What I lack in degrees I make up for with that experience. As an ordained minister and a spiritual counselor, I have helped friends, family and strangers alike through some of the toughest times in their relationships as well as their lives with the wise advice that comes through life experience. I have studied everything from psychology, to philosophy, business, tech manuals, survival techniques, and the latest trends in health & fitness. I am an avid learner and lifetime scholar but I have never seen the need to immerse myself so fully in one writers opinions to get a signed piece of paper from an institution that prides itself too often on those opinions and beliefs. You will always get the highest quality product based on the most up to date facts I can find in my research, because I am always learning as everyone should be. When you stop learning, and when you stop living, is when you begin to die.
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Published Content

Blog Post
Guilty Until Proven Innocent

It's not always easy being the one that sees the danger everywhere. Especially when you have to sit back and watch your loved ones pain because they won't believe you when you warn them.

November, 7 2018
Blog Post
The Aftermath

Love can provide us with the greatest of joy and the most excruciating of pain. Through it all though, it's worth it.

September, 19 2018
Blog Post
Stop Complaining, Start Communicating

The majority of problems in every relationship stem from a lack of communication or a lack of honest communication. Too much complaining and not enough listening to one another's needs.

September, 15 2018
Excerpt From “Blood of The Wolf: Matters of State

An excerpt form my latest published novel Blood of The Wolf: Matters of State. Volume two in the Blood of The Wolf series.

September, 28 2018
2 thoughts on “Light in The Sky”

A short story about a camping trip with an unexpected twist.

September, 25 2018
Salem Rising Ch 1

An excerpt from my next book on fictional events leading up to the Salem Witch Trials.

October, 12 2018
Blog Post
Check Yo Self

Prostate Cancer is no laughing matter and with a simple test it is so easy to detect. Get over the ego or the insecurities and go get checked.

September, 14 2018
Blog Post
Cheating, Why & Why Not

No matter what is going on in your relationship; cheating is never the answer. Communication is key to solving all of your problems, but you have to be willing to work and to compromise with the other person, if you truly love them.

November, 29 2018
Blog Post
Don’t Take It Personal

Parenting; it's not always easy. One of the most important things to remember, is that no matter what your child does, don't take it personal.

December, 15 2018
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